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PG49WCD 144hz

Level 7


I can't get my new PG49WCD to do 144hz while in PIP mode.

Due to the size of the screen i would like to run with PIP, or at least make Windows recognize it as two different screens. However, when running with PIP i can't enable variable refresh rate and im limited to 60hz.

Is it possible to change these settings to allows for 144hz PIP mode?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @fbopl ,

Thank you for your inquiry. 

In order to better understand your issue, we need to gather some additional details. 

Firstly, could you please specify what signal you are currently using for the connection? 

Additionally, would you be able to provide a screenshot showing the screen refresh rate dropping to 60Hz when PIP split-screen is enabled? 

This will help us gain a clearer understanding of the issue you're facing. 

We will consult with the backend team to determine whether this problem is a design limitation or a potential anomaly. 

Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.

Hi Aureliannn,

Im using DP + HDMI (connected to same graphic card which is Asus Strix 4080).

Whenever i enable PIP the screen shows a message stating that Variable Refresh Rate is not possible with PIP mode enabled and downclocks to 60hz.

If i go to nvidia control panel i can setup custom resolutions and force 2560 x 1440 with 144hz on both DP + HDMI, but im unsure if this is an actual overclock of the monitor and may result in unexpected damage to the screen.

Level 7

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