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Z490 RAM latency

Level 11
I am posting this because I see people on other boards mention z490 has increased latency in Adia64 testiung.

I noticed up to 2ns reduction in Adia64 latency by installing the latest Nvidia drivers(446.14 and 451.48 tested) instead of the default Windows GPU driver. So if anyone wants to test what other drivers might effect latency have at it 😉 The rest of the drivers I installed are from the CD that came with the mobo. So newer driver might hurt or help.

I would post pics but I keep a message about too big or not the right format so i gave up. Basically I get very similar latency on the z490 Apex as I do on z390 Apex. I can run slightly higher speeds and tighter timings on the z490. It also seems like z490 prefers Team 4500 kits were my z390 could run gGskill 4800 kit slighter higher frequency but it could be I need to do more testing and as now i am satisfied with the Team at 4700 17-18-18 with all sub timings tightened up. Aida64 Read 68,911 Write 72,876 Copy 63,706 Latency 34.9.

Not sure if linking is allowed but here are some pics