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Gene XI - Dimm.2 and raid - 970 Evo Plus

Hi all, I am trying to get my 2 NVME drives running in raid 0 on my Gene XI.Using the latest Bios (at this time) 0903.My motherboard detects the 2 drives on the DIMM.2 slot, but when i enable the Rapid storage technology, it fails to see any storage ...

Roady by Level 7
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M.2 vertical mount spare part

Does anyone know the part number of the metal M.2 vertical SSD mount? I can't figure out what I did with it and I wanted to add a second NVMe drive on my ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING (WI-FI AC). I was hoping to call Asus to see if I can get one, but I fig...

MR_G by Level 7
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Z390-I Random reboots under load RMA?

Hello everyone!I'm in need of some help, as I'm out of ideas.I'm having random reboots when under load (no blue screen, just a brief freeze, and a reboot).I can reproduce the issue easily when running Prime95 (small FFT), within 10 minutes it will re...

ASchiavi by Level 7
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PCI-E runs at x8 instead of x16

Hello,I've recently updated BIOS to 0802 and GPU seems to have started running at "native x8 link speed." It used to always run PCI-E 3.0 @ x16, but now BIOS, GPU-Z and CPU-Z all show that it runs PCI-E 3.0 @ x8. Running GPU-Z render test or UNIGINE ...

_fess by Level 7
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Windows 10 October UPDATE 1809 - Your thoughts/feedback

Good day y'all!Windows have already released their OS update 1809 last October 2 (rolling out to wider users still on going)I still don't have the update on my machine or even planning to manually update it - I'll try to wait until it appears on my n...

Maximus X Audio Popping

Hi everyone, I've noticed that I get random audio popping while listening to an audio Stream in Chrome while I am browsing other tabs or have Chrome in the background. I have forced Chrome not to throttle background tabs and have checked that I have ...

wambo by Level 7
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