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VGA Q-Led on after windows restart ?

Just notice something weird about white VGA Q-Led, it doesn't turn on after cold bootBut of I restart windows it suddenly turn on and stay on even I restart windows again. Q-Code is the same = A0GPU is Asus GTX1070 O8G, Mobo is Hero X (non wifi) Gp...

cyanid by Level 9
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Code 4F when booting.

Hey all, I am at my witts end with this problem.System : i7 8700kROG Hero X (Bios 0802)16gb T-Force 4133 1 x Samsung 960 Pro 5122 x Samsung 850 2561 x Samsung 4TB HDD2 x Nvidia 9801200 Watt Corsair PSUAll components at stock speeds. My system is cons...

Asua aura does not recognize motherboard

Hi guys,I went to Armoury Crate software for my Asus Motherboard Z390E (brand new) and clicked update and updated all asus software. From that update, my asus aura and armoury crate does not recognize motherboard. I can change lights to light strip, ...

usb driver win7 64bit

hey folks,after many years of pc building i purchased my first asus mobo nice thing !but neither the cd nor the asus homepage can give me the right driver for my usb ports on win7 64bitso the ports are completly out of control even though i have 2 u...

eXecii by Level 7
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Trojanised / Hacked Asus LiveUpdate (Armory crate?)

Hey forum user,Are you using Asus LiveUpdate (Armory Crate?), then i suggest you stop using it and go back (like i do) the old fashioned way. Update things yourself by visiting the board website. Here's why you don't WANT it working / shouldn't be us...

Ch3vr0n by Level 11
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ROG Srix Z390-i Gaming 1 Long Beep and 3 short. How do I fix this?

Hello,I've been trying to find the solution to this issue for some time now. I've been looking at the forums for solutions with the most common response seemingly being reseating the GPU or having to replace the GPU. My GPU is an EVGA Geforce RTX 207...

USB 3.1 Gen2 to USB 3.0 front panel adapter?

My case only supports USB 3.0 for front panel, but I want to use USB 3.1 Gen2 on my Hero X board. It looks like there is a special ASUS-only adapter for USB 3.1 Gen2 to USB 3.0. Was the board supposed to be shipped with such adapters? I cannot find a...

MonarchX by Level 7
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Memory Detect Memory

My ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390 Live Dash OLE always displays "Memory Detect Memory" after waking from sleep mode.I have checked the memory in the "ASUS Live Dash Utility" along with "Performance Test by Passmark", both show that my RAM is working.I h...


Bluetooth suddenly stopped working

I have a ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING that I've been running for just over a year. It's always worked great. Then suddenly this morning the Bluetooth stopped working.It was working yesterday, but now the BT icon is gone from the tray, and when I go into B...