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HELP: Issues when new CPU installed in ROG STRIX Z490-E gaming mobo

Level 7


Replaced my Intel i7 10700 CPU with an Intel i9 11900K CPU today (Yes, this is compatible with the mobo). I followed the instructions to a T when installing, made sure system was grounded beforehand, and that power cable was disconnected. Upon plugging back into power and starting up the PC, there was a flashing red light along with code 00 on the mobo status board. Keyboard and mouse are connected to the PC but don’t have power. Monitor is also connected but not booting up when PC is powered. Looked up a resolution and did the following:

- Reset the CMOS by holding a screwdriver to the 2 pins for 10 seconds

- Removed CMOS battery and let the battery drain for ~10 mins

- Ensured CPU alignment was correct

My last option is updating BIOS via USB stick. My motherboard features a BIOS FLBK feature which I will be trying out tomorrow once I pick up a USB stick (I don’t have one less than 32GB). In the meantime, if anybody has any suggestions/advice I would greatly appreciate it!

UPDATE: I installed the latest version of BIOS according to the mobo manual onto a 16GB flash drive and formatted it to FAT32. Utilized the BIOS flbk button on my PC and followed instructions online. Upon starting up my PC, my monitor, keyboard, and mouse turned on! This was short lived. The screen said that BIOS was updating some stuff (couldn’t read it as it was a quick message). Shortly after, my PC turned off and back on. Similar message appeared on the monitor for updates and PC turned off again. This happened 3 times. The final time it turned off and didn’t turn back on. Tried to turn it back on and nothing. All motherboard lights are off. I’m now fearing that I fried my motherboard somehow.