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Asus z390 ?

Level 7
Hi all unfortunatly i was late on researching the market for a new motherboard and the ones i liked are out of stock APEX XI Z390 even in november when i started looking for online shop to by there where all sold out searching the web i found a web site in Germany and tryed to by it unfortunatly after paying for it 21 of december i got informed today that they are in the proces of sending my $$$ back lol because they where out of stock !!!
Kind of disapointed on the shop ofc and myself lol
Is there any info about a new APEX board coming out or a Maximus new series of boards since some of the ones i would by are no longer available .
Thank you :cool:

Level 10 sais it has them in stock. 4d delivery ordered on demand

You could always wait for the upcoming Z490 and the 10xxx series processors 🙂

Level 7
Hi and thank you for the research i have contacted both of the shops 4 days ago and asked if the motherboard is in stock and waiting for them to answer ...
I think you are right maybe i wait for the new motherboards c what they are all about .
searching the web i did come acrost this
after i read your reply ofc 🙂

Level 7
Hi again today contacted the shops and one of them told me that if i order the board they will
send the order out and in 4 weeks i will have the motherboard APEX XI Z390 is this legit
anybody knows ?

Level 10
i dont see why not. Perhaps the board is difficult to get from supplier. You'll need to decide for youself how badly/urgently an apex board.

Do you want the current generation z390 and are you willing to wait 4 weeks, or are you willing to wait another 7-8 months until the next gen arrives. Going for the 2nd option will probably give new features, however it also comes at a cost. CURRENT GENERATION CPU'S (9xxx series) will NOT be compatible with it. Current gen uses socket LGA 1151, z490 will use LGA 1200. So you'll need a 10xxx series cpu too

Level 7
Hi Ch3vron and thank you for your time.
i was thinking the exact same thing and ofc the cost will be high i was kind of keen on the z390 APEX it looks a great board and i have read so many reviews about it will think about it but i proly gona order it maybe the new z490 generation will be to expensive for me to purchase !!!
not to mention that people are still ordering it from the shop as it says on ther web site .....
this product has been ordered 7 times the past 30 days .

Level 7
Hi all ROG fans
unfortunatly after ordering the APEX Z390 at 400euros for a second time at a diferent store ( computeruniverse ) after 2 weeks i get an email that unfortunatly they canot find it for me after telling me they gona order it and its gona be made (order on demand ) the best part is that i have already 5 or 6 boxes full of stuff to go on the motherboard so what do i do know ? '
Its kind of okay no problem or ? maybe i will open a shop and take peoples money by advertising stuff that dose not exist !!!
seems to be a good idea its working for some shops !!!
I am so pissed off i think my blood sugar is gone to 500