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Pc freeze in game, don’t boot after restart.

Level 7

I have a pc build in 2020, with i9 9900k, Rog Strix Z390-F, 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600mhz, NZXT Z63.

Yesterday my problems begin when the pc freeze in a middle of a game, at the restart, I got no image even if everything else seemed to work.

I got yellow Led on Motherboard, after few hours I saw that one of the rams is causing this, I removed the one who died.

Now I get white Led on Motherboard, still no image.

The only way I have image is if I connect monitor through motherboard, I updated the bios to the latest version, and finally my gpu was showing.

But, after going in a game, my pc froze again.

I have to Clear RTC RAM jumper in motherboard to be able to have image on monitor. If I reset the bios, I can see my gpu is back, but if I run something powerful, like a game, pc freeze and I have to start all over again.

Now the pc freeze without even doing anything. Should I buy new rams?

Any recommendations will be appreciated, thx.