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Maximus xi hero (wi-fi) & corsair (cmw16gx4m2k3600c16)

ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) Bios ver. 1401CORSAIR Ram 3600CL16 (CMW16GX4M2K3600C16)Having problems with this ram kit even though it's on the motherboard's QVL memory list, hoping someone could help me out.Computer will boot multiple times (3-4 averag...

fuglyto by Level 7
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Q-fan weird behavior

Hi, I Got some problems with Q-fan fan setup, so maybe someone can help me out.I have two 2 dc fans in front of my case and one on the back which is also dc. Now when Im done with the custom fan curve, the fans ramp up along with cpu cooler fan and i...

ROG Maximus XI Extreme Rev 1.02 BIOS: 1105 issues

Hi,Hardware:Board: ROG Maximus XI Extreme Rev 1.02 BIOS: 1105RAM: 16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 DIMM CL14 Dual Kit (F4-3200C14D-16GTZR)3 pictures:I do not know if it's BIOS Bug, or if it's overclocking.So if I set the "CPU VCCIO Voltage" and "...

Problem with Asus Live Dash

I installed the software Asus Live Dash on my Windows 10 64 Bit system on my brand new Asus Maximus X Formula.It dont start when i doubleclick the icon. No error message. Nothing happens.I downloaded the actual software on the Asus Website.

Riplex by Level 7
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BIOS region for western europe

Hello,I tried to contact asus usa with their chat and i was told Something that looks like suspicious to me. The guy told me that if i had flashed a bios file coming from the asus USA website to my motherboard which comes out of the Western europe m...

ArnoldT by Level 7
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Motherboard Start light always on

I have a Maximus XI Hero motherboard and when I shut down my pc (psu switch is flipped on), the “Start” button light remains lit. Is this normal?

Vcore voltage and dram frequency issues in Maximus XI Hero

My system is new, been like only 5days since u built it. Was working fine for 2 days but then the monitor displayed "No signal" in screen randomly during gaming I thought it was some issue with the cables but it made me turn off my monitor for every ...