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Possible source of random Code 00 error - RAM?

Level 7
First time posting on here, but I was lurking around quite a bit as I was going through my new build. As the subject title suggests, I will sometimes encounter a random Code 00 error on a cold boot. The build went smoothly, so there was nothing that jumped to my mind where I may have broken something. I'll post the specs below for reference:

i5 6600K
Maximus Gene VIII
Corsair LPX DDR4 3000 16GB (2x8)
Corsair H60 cooler
Seasonic x850 psu
Gigabyte Xtreme 970
Noctua Fans
Packed neatly in an Air 240 case

Basically, 1 out of every 15 boots I will receive a code 00 error. All the fans boot up, there's no indicator lights on, just the fans spinning and the code number. I hold down the power button, the unit turns off, wait 10 seconds, press power again and it boots up fine. Once it's on, I've never noticed any instability.

The only thing I found that could potentially be the culprit was the RAM. That particular configuration & speed is not listed on the approved list. Actually any 3000mhz setup for this board is all 4x4GB configurations, found that interesting too.

I've tried a few of the standard recommendations - loosening the cooler screws, running the RAM not overclocked (2133), giving the RAM a little more voltage, CPU not overclocked. I received a code 00 last night and am officially stumped.

The crux of my question really is what could cause such a random code 00 error? Could unapproved RAM cause a random code 00 error every now and then?

I've seen recommendations for bent pins or fried boards, the former of which I have not checked yet (except for during install), but feel like if that was the case, the board may consistently show code error 00 no?

Level 15
Basically the 00 QCODE means that the motherboard isn't picking up the CPU. It can be something as simple as uneven pressure during heatsink install to something serious like a defective CPU or motherboard.

I would definately examine the CPU socket for any bent or missing pins as well as test the motherboard outside of the case with the bare minimum.

Thanks for the reply Chino!

Disassembling everything, although painful as it is to hear, will most likely result in finding the culprit. Looks like i'll have a little project on my hands tomorrow morning to see if i can figure this thing out.

I do know that given the stiffness of my cooler lines, there is a stiff/awkward twist of those lines & ultimately an awkward pressure on the CPU. Hoping that if all the pins look alright, perhaps re-seating the CPU and finding a happy medium with the cooler lines/pressure will solve it.

I'll give it a go & hopefully I can rest easy at night! 😄