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X370 Crosshair VI Failing to POST

Level 7

Several years ago built my own PC when Ryzen first came out.

Build included an Asus Crosshair VI x370 and Asus 1080ti OC, 1800x and 64gb ram, it was my first (and so far only) build - I am very much not an expert at this.

It's run pretty much flawlessly until yesterday when the screen suddenly froze and the system became unresponsive (including to ctrl+alt+delete).

Hard Reboot brought up the windows front screen but no response to any inputs.

Second hard reboot resulted in the computer powering on, Board lighting up and leds going through red yellow green

Screen remained black - no post (I've checked with another image source that the monitor is working)

I've tried flashing the bios (using a usb in the slot on the back) and clearing the cmos using the button at the back too

Currently board powers on and is getting to code 98 with the green "CPU ready" led lit.

Also forgot to mention I removed and reaseated the GPU and RAM (I don't have anything to clean the thermal paste off the CPU so didn't want to remove and reseat that unless I really have to. Also reaseated the power cables to the GPU (altough they look pretty good)

The system was pretty dusty but otherwise looks okay - no electric smell or anything.

I'm pretty much at the limit of my knowledge/deductive reasoning - I'm guessing if the CPU is ready though it means the GPU could be the cause?

Just posting here incase anyone has any clever ideas of something I'm missing - I'm guessing I have to take it to my local computer shop?


Level 7

It seems you've done thorough troubleshooting, and the issue may indeed lie with the GPU or possibly other components. While seeking professional help is wise, you could also try testing with a spare GPU if available.

If problems persist, consulting a local computer shop or hiring a professional may be the most efficient solution for a comprehensive diagnosis and resolution.