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Hero Alpha MB - Problem Resolved... Sort of

So as you can see from the last couple of days, I've been beating my head down trying to figure out why my system has been crashing.You wont believe what I found -> Yup you guessed it, the PCIe express 'clip' came off the motherboard while I was remo...

iCeD00D by Level 7
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Dual Intelligent Processors 5

Seems a new problem has arisen. The software seems to lockup after windows boots and takes about 5mins to even come up. I have the softwareon my boot drive which is a SSD drive. Not sure what exactly is going on but now its even frozen to the desk...

iCeD00D by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero - What ASUS software is worth installing?

Hey everyone,I just installed my Maximus VIII Hero and I'm loving it so far. I installed all the core software/drivers for the board but I haven't installed ANY of the ASUS software, as I've heard people talk about having issues with some of it. Ar...

TheFink by Level 7
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Possible source of random Code 00 error - RAM?

First time posting on here, but I was lurking around quite a bit as I was going through my new build. As the subject title suggests, I will sometimes encounter a random Code 00 error on a cold boot. The build went smoothly, so there was nothing that ...

briconz by Level 7
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BIO 1601 - Lockup

Good evening. I was wondering if anyone else has upgraded their bios to 1601 and have experience HUGE performance issues?I've just spent the last 3hrs trying to figure out why my system is sooooo sluggish. I've tried system defaults and even the au...

iCeD00D by Level 7
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Qcode dd

Hi All,Would anyone be able to tell me what the postcode "dd" stands for on the Maximus VIII Extreme?I keep getting stuck on that during boot.Also, do you need both a 4 pin and an 8 pin CPU power connector?EDIT: I'm now past dd, but keep getting 99, ...

Event Viewer Warning Regarding BIOS?

Recently I have started to experience intermittent abrupt loss of power on my once stable system. In the last fortnight it has occurred 4 times, so I can imagine it's going to be a problem to identify!After the second occurrence I turned of Anti-surg...

mf8 supremefx

Hello thereI use logitech G430 headset. SupremeFX e depends. continuous electrical sound comes from the right headphone. When you install the motherboard rear output, the sound disappears. I did the driver update, but did not change. My previous moth...


M8 Formula DRAM QVL (DRAM kit version?)

Hi!So I'm planning to switch my Motherboard from M8H to M8F using the same HW I have. So, I did check M8F's DRAM QVL and saw this:My DRAM Kit is CMD16GX4M4B3000C15 and I did saw it in the list, but it says Ver. 5.29 while mine is Ver. 4.24. Top of ...


Maximus VIII Hero worth it ?

HI I want to do a new build with à i7 6700k. My question is : the hero is à good Motherboard or not? I have see people talking about sound popping issue. Is that really annoying ? Is there à fix? And what about a msi gaming m7 vs à hero? Are ther...

zepsy4x by Level 7
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