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Windows keeps stopping my GL753VD GPU (code43).

Level 7
Title basically says it all , it says code43. I did everything google had to offer but nothing , if this question was posted before I'm sorry but I did not see it. I did look but found nothing , anyone seen this before or knows how to fix it ? I'm 100% sure it's not hardware related. I have a GL753VD. Had it for 3 years now , never had a problems until this one. I had it 4/5 months ago , I don't really know what caused it, but I noticed it after I was trying to update the GTX1050 drivers on Geforce experience and it kept doing the same update and it wouldn't install. the first times I did a hard reset in my laptop and I tried to install the GPU drivers it gave me the BSOD. now I used the windows thing to install it , and it did install it and turn it from "3D video controller" to what you see in the image below. but I still have the yellow triangle.