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Strix G713PI Volume buttons stopped working after recent Windows 11 update

Level 7

I just bought this laptop.  I initially had issues with conflicts when the system would switch from the AMD 9 Ryzen 7000 GPU to the Nvidia Gforce RTX 4070 where the laptop would continually shut off, reboot, or just freeze, so resetting the main GPU to Nvidia helped solved most of that, though it still randomly restarts, though not as often.  However, today after a Windows 11 update, all of the buttons up top (vol up/down, mic on/off, fan, ROG center) no longer work.  I've searched online, but I'm unable to find a fix for this.  Should I just uninstall the recent update, or does anyone know of a fix to enable these buttons again?  Thanks for any help!

UPDATE:  Problem fixed.  Had to shut down computer completely and start it back up.  Simply rebooting doesn't fix it, but shutting it off completely does.