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Zephyrus M Keyboard issues

Level 7

I have Zephyrus GU502GU for a few years now and it is an amazing laptop for my needs (work, content consumption, light gaming), it is in great condition, 0 damage, re pasted, undervolted, all good.

But ever since I got it I had keyboard issues, at first it was just RGB getting messed up after laptop turns on from sleep, or keyboard RGB just stopping to work which still happens to this day and the fix I found is just to desync and sync it again with aura.

But the thing that started bothering me a lot and the laptop became unreliable due to Keyboard just stopping to work . "I fix it" and it works for few months or weeks or days but then it just randomly comes back, maybe with armoury crate update or idk what happens but it just stops working in windows only.

My question is if I can permanently get rid of this issue by just replacing the keyboard (no worries, a lot of experience with tech disassembly cuz it is a hobbie) ?

I don't think there is anything left to do other than just replace the keyboard because on software side I pretty much tried everything, clean installing windows and all the required drivers etc etc, also bios version doesn't matter (I am running older one) but it happens on new ones too. And the only fix when this issue is "temporary" is hard reset, but when it completely stops working in windows only fix is clean install and then it might work for few months and then again it gets bricked.

I really don't want to replace this device and don't want to spend money on new m16s cuz I really don't need them and they seem a bit chunkier than the m15 that I have. Currently it works normally but idk when the bug is going to occur again, all suggestions are welcome, specially if there is some way to resolve this issue when it occurs in windows without hard reset.