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Rog STRIX GL704GW SCAR II GPU fan running crazy!

Level 7
Hi everyone!

First of all english is not my first language so excuse me for any mistypes.

OK so on my laptop GL704GW,( i7 8750, RTX 2070 ) the fan on the right side (GPU) is running almost all the time at maximum speed.
The thing is, when the laptop is turned off for lets say 16 hours and i boot it up its all fine for couple of minutes, but then after 5-10 min the fan of GPU and only this fan, starts to spin out of control! It goes to 6000-6300 rpm and stays there no matter what mode is it in silent/balanced/turbo. The only thing that lowers this, is to run laptop on battery and even then the fan just falls down to 4000-4500 rpm.
Another thing i found out, is that when i run a game the fan on the GPU starts to spin slower at around 5500-5700rpm (more silent)
So could this be a software issue, like maybe reinstall some drivers (already did my GPU drivers 2 times), or its hardware issue?
Also this could be connected to my Armory, that isnt showing me my fan speed all the time.
I am going to try to take a print screen to show whats happening at idle and silent mode with my fan.

Thanks for your help and answers in advance.

Best regards,

P.s.: Print screen of the armoury.

Level 7

Read this post:
I writed 3. page on tips, how can reduced fan speed.


Thanks for the info! I opened my laptop, wiggled the cables of the GPU fan, and as it seems it worked. Just need to test for a cuple of days, but atm laptop is silent no fan running crazy!

Thanks alot!