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GL702VM doesn't start without SATA HDD

Greetings!I wanted to update my GL702VM with an additional SSD besides the M.2-SSD in the M.2 slot (which keeps boot partition and system).I recognised, that the laptop wouldn't boot at all without an HDD at the SATA Port nor with a SSD installed to ...

DK999 by Level 8
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GL504GW Bios 304

I just went to the asus page and found out that the bios 304 is out. Going to try it out.

TX2000 by Level 8
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Fps comparison between gl704gw and gl504gw

I recently bought a gl704gw (i7 7850h, rtx 2070, 16 gb ram single channel) and i noticed that the fps are not good at all.for example watch dogs 2 on turbo mode runs at an avg of 30-40 fps, sometimes 50-60 on some easy-render zones.the problem is tha...

Adding a new 8GB RAM module to my ROG GL503VM laptop

Hi all, I want to add another 8GB of RAM to my laptop to total 16GB, but how do I know what is definitely compatible? I have run Crucial system check and Speccy, with Speccy saying i currently have - 8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1197MHz (17-17-17-...

Strix GL503 - 4 LED indicator lights not working

Hello everyone,First off apologies if I missed a relevant thread during my forum search. I got the above mentioned laptop, it works like a charm, but the LED indicator lights (power, WiFi, HDD, airplane mode) do not light up from day one. Has any of ...

ROG GL702VI-BA033T oculus problem

Hi.I use this laptop want to play with my oculus rift but I have a black screen ( it is plugged into hdmi)But:_NVIDIA driver are ok. _My laptop have two weeks._My...

Movie sound issues on asus gl552jx-aztec

Hi guys , First post in the forum, so I am realy strugaling on my asus gl552jx-aztec with movies; basicaly the movie starts and after 10 - 15 minutes the sound diviates from the picture. I was not able to fix it at all; so changed the players, update...