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"Asus rog gl552jx user come here." I have question about the HDD bay or service cover

Level 7
Hi I am a asus rog gl552jx user.
I Doubt that i have not fitted my service cover well.You'll get an idea if you see the pictures.


In this first picture i have inserted papers in the edges of my HDD door/service cover to show the existence of gaps.I have not forced the papers in it was easy to insert them.I have folded the strips of paper once and hence doubled the thickness of paper(A4 size paper used in printing).
According to google the thickness of single paper is 0.1mm hence a folded paper with double thickness would be like 0.2mm. This way the gap might be around 0.2mm.I doubt that the gap is not common in asus rog gl552jx.


Maybe because of this gap i have minor movements in the HDD door/service cover when screws are absent.I have also included a pic above for this.When I push at the left bottom of the service cover there is minor movement in top left edge(1 in the picture) and top right edge(2 in the picture).
The direction of movement is indicated by the arrows.


I also kinda feel that there is a little variation on sliding fingers in the HDD region.
I meant to say that when i slide my fingers from top to bottom in the HDD region as shown in the picture above.
I kinda Feel that my HDD door/service cover is a bit off(like kinda outwards).
The thing is that it doesn't looks misplaced but when i touch it,it feels kinda misplaced.
I might be overthinking,it might be built that way.
Someone tell me if their asus rog gl552jx also has this variation thing then i'll be sure that this is not a problem.

I can put the HDD door by pushing at the bottom and aligning it properly but that might misalign the underlying clips.
Also i dont want to open my HDD door again and again.

Now i have doubts that which is the correct way to put the service cover/HDD door back.If this think is common in asus rog gl552jx then i would not worry at all.

So my questions are:
1.Is the gap of 0.2 mm at same postion as in the picture common in all asus rog gl552jx?
2.which is the correct way to put the service cover/HDD door back?
4.Is the variation in the HDD region common or i'm i just imagining things?

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Hi, not sure if you are interested in my biased opinions, but one question I had was if you were seeing any problems actually using the system (sorry, haven't looked through your old posts yet) and also why you had this concern about the bottom cover?

Anyway, have never personally seen a GL552JX unit yet (but have seen other ROG notebook models if it matters), but don't see anything obviously wrong in the pictures you provided.

Although it may not work well, you may also want to check with your local ASUS service center for more opinions or store if they have units or 'demo' units you can compare with.

It can take time for the right people to run across your post, so hopefully others can provide more feedback too.