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An ode to the Zephyrus 16 duo and a question on how to care for it

Level 7

Hi All,

Firstly, despite the fact that it gets quite hot, the fans are quite loud and that the first laptop I recieved was dead on arrival, had a faulty screen and needed to be replaced... this laptop is worth every cent for it's dual screens and it's sheer in destructability. I've spilt at least over half a dozen glasses of water on the laptop while it was on (don't try this at home, and yes i'm clumsy /=), and it's travelled the world many times over from being in a padded case in my carry on to a leather handback with no padding and everything in between. From all the food crumbs i get on it, to the accidental dings when my mind is somewhere else... I honestly thought the second screen was going to make it so i'd have to be super careful because of the extra mechanisms but this thing is possitively unbreakable - coming from someone that regularly manages to smash her phone screen while has a case and has screen protector. Anyhow, to anyone thinking of getting it... it's not for everyone, it gets hot, fans are a little noisy, you should get something to elevate it slightly while it's on the table and you're using something GPU intensive but... but if you need something that's always with you, and you hate having a single screen or the wasted of a keyboard taking up half a laptop, and you're a bit clumsy - this thing is a beast.

Secondly.... Zephyrus 16 duo owners.... anyone know if the keys are removeable? I really want to clean under them but i really don't want to disassemble the entire back to do so.

Thank you in advance!


Level 11

It is great to hear about the horrors you put the machine through and that it keeps on working. It can get loud when doing hard work, but it can be somewhat remedied with Manual fan curves and power limits. It makes a small difference, about as small as lifting the laptop as the air intake is under the bottom screen, very little air is taken in from underneath the laptop.

For the keys, they are not designed to be removed. Laptop keyboards rarely are, and access from below is likely restricted as well. I have not stripped my Duo 16 down to that degree, but I have worked on other laptops where generally the backlight is reflected off a shining layer of plastic under the keyboard that is not really designed to be removed from the keyboard. You have a better chance to approach from the top, being incredibly careful of not breaking the little plastic hooks that keep the key in place. It can be done, but there is a chance of breaking the key so it doesn't stay stuck later. So be gentle and careful.