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GL552JX battery wear level concerns

hello guys . I'm very worried with the wear level of my battery right now . been using my GL552JX for 2+ months already and the wear level is making me worried ... any tips to minimize wear level ? what should I do now ?


Hello guyz, i am new on this forum and i have a question.I wan't to buy a ROG but i don't know which one, I am between ROG GL552VX-CN059D and ROG G551JW-CN319D.Description of each one:ROG GL552VX-CN059D:1.Processor : i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz Skylake2.Video ...

ASUS ROG GL552VW with UEFI Windows 7 missing Drivers

Hello,I've been posting in this forum about Dual Booting W7 and W10. I was able to install W7 with UEFI and by configuring the boot options to: NO SECUREBOOT/NO FASTBOOT/CSM ENABLED. The Disk is in GPT layout because it had W10 pre-installed. It's a ...

GL552vw secondary ssd not showing up

just migrated win10 os from hdd in a GL552vw that i just bought to an m.2 samsung 850 ssd 256gb, ....running greatnow I'm replacing the hdd with a secondary samsung 850 evo ssd 500gb to be used for storage.i can see the secondary 500gb ssd in samsung...

Bought a new RoG GL552JX and facing loads of problems

I recently purchased a new laptop, Asus RoG GL552JX. I started using it straight out of the box.The specs are:i7 4750HQGTX 950M8 GB RAM1 TB HDD(7200 RPM)Windows 10(build 10240)Yesterday I was transferring some files through my friends external HDD to...

GL552VW HDD click of death [sound attached]

Hello everyone,My GL552VW-DM464T (similar to GL552VW-DH71) (2 weeks of use) hard drive is doing the famous click of death. This sound appears sometimes and I dont know if this is normal (some kind of power save mode like the WD hard drives) or i'm re...

GL552JX-DM144D FPS Issues

Hi everyone . I recently bought this mode of ASUS ROG . Specs are i7-4720hq 2.6ghz boost up to 3.6ghz8GB Ram4GB Nvidia gtx950Windows 8.1Whenever I play DOTA 2 with settings reduced. I seems to be getting only 80-90 ish fps. CS GO is also the same w...