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GL553VD - Factory OS Files Request

Level 8
Hi everyone.

This is for any person, owner of the ROG GL553VD, that would be in need of a half or full backup of the Factory OS files that originally comes with our ASUS: those are "eSupport" Folder, "System Image Recovery" and/or "Recovery Disk" made with the Recovery Options on the Control Panel.

To do so, you can share any backups that you could have made when you first get your laptop Out-of-the-Box, and you did what everyone should do (except for me and so many others that didn't [yep, we did it wrong, and I do regret] lol).

Hope this can be of any help for all the GL553VD owners!

Best Regards,
Wolney Sandoval

Level 7
Can someone share their "eSupport" folder for GL553VD? Please...
~ InspectorGadget
Programmer and Owner of RTGNetwork!

Level 13
Lemme guess........"Clean Installs" that harshed you rig.....
Can help you out on this, you might get lucky and find another user. If not the only option is to make sure the original drive is in it and send it into ASUS to have it reimaged for a nominal fee + shipping charges.

Ill just reiterate again for posterity.....
There is no need to wipe a laptop and reinstall. Bloatware is extremely limited and takes like 5 mins to eradicate with Ccleaner. There are cases that even with the Esupport folder folks still could not get it back to factory state.
Not like the good 0ld days when recovery media used to ship with the machines.

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