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@ROG, Please make laptops like G750 and G752..Stop obsession of making laptop thin.. ROG SPLENDID

Level 7

I really want to share this with ROG team.. My first ROG journey started with G750JX In December 2013 and I am still using it till now due to the Marvellous Engineering went behind it... Recently, my G750JX laptop had an issue where If like connect the laptop to Samsung TV, within a few seconds of use, there will be tiny colorful dots, very tiny dots appear with mix of red,pink and green on the random parts of the screen and the laptop would freeze for like 10 seconds, if I unplug the hdmi within 10 seconds of noticing the freeze issue, laptop returns to normal state and I can use the laptop with laptop display... if I don't unplug the hdmi, the laptop automatically attemps restarting...

I really want to use the 55 inch tv screen and don't want to use laptop screen, so I really wanted to get this issue fixed, so I took it to the ASUS Authorized service center(after removing the hdd drive and keeping it in home for privacy) and after diagnosing, they told its graphics card issue.. and then, they told it wouldn't be possible to get spare part of the g750jx motherboard in India(as we can't change graphics card alone and if we need to change, we need to change the Entire board)

I spoke with the Manager and after 2 days, he said the spare part of the motherboard is available from Asus Taiwan and again its expensive for 2013 model considering the advancement of hardwares which are available today and I'm not sure if the replacement board will have the exact i7 4700hq intel processor and gtx 770m card but I told the manager I'm ready to pay and will pay today to get that motherboard 

The reason why I wasnt ready to buy new laptop instead is because I am not really happy with newer designs of ROG Laptops.. The 2022 and 2023 models are not at all giving me satisfaction like the G750JX and G752 model which I liked but havent bought the g752 as G750 Still felt new while the g752 was released...

If I had knew laptops by ROG were going to downgrade like these newer models, I would have definitely bought those older models while I still had the chance..

Why Newer Laptops feels like downgrade as compared to ROG Laptops 7 to 10 years old?


At first, i dont understand one thing, you're already making the vivobook series thin, like super thin, Now, Why would you have to carry this behavior in ROG Laptops too ? Especially while ROG range should stand for high performance, more comfort, more power and luxury....

2. Here are some downsides which others will suffer while you make laptops thin..

- LACK OF EXTRA USB 3 Ports... I have noticed rog laptops Which are available today has only 2 usb 3.0 ports and maybe 1 more type c port(while ROG laptops released in the last decade easily had 4 usb 3 ports... )

More usb ports also means more current power is sent to the system so you could easily connect upto 3 external hdd devices which requires dedicated power supply and will also share the laptop's current to function properly... with older laptops, since more current is utilized, I could use 3 external hdds at the same time and another usb hub as well which helps me to get the external keyboard, mouse, razer usb dongle and charging wire for headset as well... All of these will work simultaneously (which thin laptops with limited usb ports and lighter power supply won't be able to deliver)

- Also I don't like the positioning of usb ports, if the laptop has a total of 3 ports, all of them are placed on either left side fully or right side fully... I wanted 2 on the right and 2 on the left but this thought process is ignored by ROG Team 

You'll understand why I need 2 on the left and 2 on the right while you see this setup


No laptop because laptop is wih Asus Service center..Asking to just use usb hub is an excuse which I don't like.. usb ports on both sides will also beautify the setup...

Also for laptops, there is Lack of Bd/DVD drives and hdd drives installation slots...RAM should be 24gb by stock factory default... but even for most strix models, the max which are available is 16gb and users may increase to 32gb if they want... why is that ? While 16gb is good, 24 gb is what improves system reliability greatly especially while we have habit of opening too many tabs in brave browser as there will be no issues like memory crash. 

AGAIN, you're the one to blame for these limitations as these all started to happen while you began obsession with making Everything thin.. Idk what sense of accomplishment you obtain while you make laptops thinner.. Last decade of ROG laptops looked very thick and felt like Beast of computer brands...Now these behaviors of wanting to make laptops thin really killing that special feeling which I've towards ROG as you're taking away things I loved in the previous generation of ROG Laptops(Giving importance to HDD SATA SLOTS, More USB Ports and BD Drives luxury)

Even if we look at your Power button design in newer laptops.. an 3,800$+ ROG laptop shares the same generic circle shaped plastic power button as like the 1,500$+ ROG Laptop... have a look at ROG G750JX and G752 Power buttons, It truly made us felt we had something super premium as compared to entry level ROG Laptops...

Idk whether the reason behind making laptops in this way is something related to marketing internally where I'm guessing the head of ROG has told the team like if we make the ROG Laptops too great like the previous generation, customers will keep using the same model for more than 8+ years, this will lead to decline the frequency of buying purchase for an individual customer so make thin laptops in a way where it will only last for 3 years and then make them to come back to us again..

While this may be good for business but it kills the special feelings for ROG as you have been in my number 1 spot( if I want to get something powerful, Premium and thick looking luxury beast...)

I'm slowly losing these special feelings but the hope hasn't been lost yet and that is why I made this post...if you want profits, Focus on starting ROG Splendid or ROG Maxima series where these range of new series is all about thick laptops with more usb ports, more hdd installation slots for storing media directly on to the laptop instead of wanting to plug in external hdds all the time(and thick laptops also leads to more power supply as I'm waiting for  manufacturer like you to increase power supply and consumption so that I can use 3x14tb hdds at same time..)

This is what I want , I want to connect two 5 tb portable usb drive, 1 "8tb" drive and 3 "14tb" drive where the 8tb and 14tb hdds requires dedicated power supply and shares laptop power aswell... As far as I know, no laptops in existence will be able to allow us to use all of these HDDs at the same time... you need to plug out some for others to work as the limited power supply won't power up all hdds

Also, Not to forget to mention about how thicker laptops will also facilitate better cooling tech as the bigger laptop body will allow the manufacturer to install additional fans and also improves the battery tech as bigger battery will result in improving battery hours.. but for me battery life don't matter as I mostly remove the battery and use the laptop without battery by directly using the adapter...I also disable the power service in windows to get rid of power throttling..I have been doing this ever since g750 battery died...I use ups and double layer of surge protections, so there wasn't issues with power...

So yes, please work on the new ROG Series... having an exclusive range of series will also allow you to price hike just for the brand name and the luxury feel it delivers.. you can also sell older model designs at higher price.... plus, I really don't understand why you don't make dedicated laptop coolers where we can also use it as stand for ROG Laptops...The last good laptop cooler which I have owned and delivered great satisfaction is cm storm sf19 which I got 10 years ago and still working... now a days even if I want to upgrade there doesn't seems to be enough thick coolers which will handle the weight of ROG Beast...I did purchase Amazon basics cooler last year and placed it over cm storm sf 19 to increase airflow... thanks to your strong rubber grips behind the laptop in g750jx, it helps the laptop from not falling down...

I really hope you will also start making great laptop coolers to increase the cooling even further and also to serve as stand for rog laptops where you bundle the offer with rog laptops... so rog users who cares about maintenance and longevity will purchase the cooler as well.

Misc request : please also work on the front side of laptop where you give importance to ROG Logo dedicated lighting as you did with G750jx and avoid writing bigger fonts like join the republic..keep it plain black with futuristic power button like G750jx

Thank you for Listening and taking immediate action.. Become a thick beast as you were in G750💪

I love this model so much, I still had its cover.. Best time for ROG because it also had 3d glass idk what happened to 3d



Level 9

While ROG laptops do have a few design flaws, like most other laptops apart from super premium ones (too much plastic etc) they are still by far better than most other machines for the price. Your USB power arguments aren't really comprehensible. 

Judging a laptop by it's thickness is not really expedient. Look at the cooling system of the G750 and compare it to the Strix G16. The modern laptops wins with about 2 times the cooling area (guess).

I don't know why you need Sata or DVD drives in a laptop, I wouldn't want any of that clutter in a portable device.

I don't know where your charger argument comes from too, my G16 charger has 100W more than the one of the G750, more isn't needed since the thermal situation inside a laptop wouldn't allow for higher TDPs...

A thing that is limited by cooling desing are ports on the back of the machine with the G16 for example. It has a cooler over the whole rear side which renders ports there nearly impossible.

Msi G7x or Stealth 16 Studio A13V laptops have mostly magnesium/aluminium case, only bottom service cover and screen bezel are plastic. So go with MSI if you want metal case laptop.

I know, but look at these prices. That's nowhere near justified for being metal.

No thanks, I'll stick with Asus and build a whole desktop PC with the price difference between what I got my G16 for and what MSI charges for a similar metal chassis machine^^

I admit they look pretty good though.

The thing with the G16 is that in my opinion the plastic is too weak. That's not fiber reinforced plastic like my cheap 30$ cordless drill is made of - TECAMID 6 GF30, a ployamide with 30% CF - that material is especially strong on thin parts laptops have and would improve the structural integrity of the whole device too. I'd rather take the whole laptop made of this than what the G16 has with it's two aluminum plates. And looking at my drill example (which is exactly made of the mentioned material), the tolerance are far better too. It's a bad joke what Asus did with the G16. 

Nevertheless a great device that suits all my needs, I bought it and knew it's weak points. And I definitely don't want to go back to before 2017 laptop wise^^

Level 9

With the abandoning od CDR drives, more integrated circutry we never going back to the 2014-2017 laptops design. And wth this invention from Frore Systems the future laptops will be even thinner.