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Asus tuf a15 2023 factory-made cover is crooked

Level 7

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately, the Asus TUF A15 2023 notebook I bought through Asus Turkey arrived to me with factory damage. Although there are no impact marks on the box and the product, the left cover of the product does not close completely. When I submitted this request to the service, I was told to contact the seller company. However, the company I bought it from says that they cannot take action unless there is a service form. I would like support for the replacement of the notebook by Asus Turkey. Thank you very much in advance.

açık kalan sol taraf yakın.jpgaçık kalan sol taraf.jpg


Level 11

My laptop also has a slightly bent screen and it has still been working fine for a year.  In the worst case scenario, at least it still works.  ASUS doesn't monitor this forum as far as I know, so don't expect any help from them here.