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LiveDash OLED do not work

Does anyone know how to turn on LiveDash OLED screen ? I build my new PC and after two days, OLED sudenly stopped working. I've tried to clear CMOS, change BIOS, reflash BIOS, reinstall AiSuite, LiveDash and Aura. Nothing solve the problem.I found, t...

New Rampage???

Hello,i couldn't find a way of posting a new thread (i am new here) completely so i will post it here.So,what happened with new releases of RAMPAGE?? They seem like they stopped the production in X299?? What about Z590??? I see only Maximus etc but ...

r6ee request suggestion

request suggestionI know it's been a long time since the card was released. some more up-to-date ram profiles can be added. qvl list rams are no longer available in the market. I request a little more support for a card with high ram selectivity.some...

7 ELEVEN X299 Platform is good!!!

After long miles , Sun Valley WINDOWS 11 is starting it power. Our Core i9 7980XE and R6E love it.Windows 11 coming with WDDM 3.0 featuring full VESA HDR 1400 support.New Task Scheduler better support both X86 / ARM devices.Running great on our LGA 2...

89021 89022 89023 89024

R6E Bifurcation behavior

Hello community!I need some advice about PCIE bifurcation on R6E motherboard. I just finished an upgrade on my Rig, replacing my old 7900x with a 10980xe. My current specs are as follow:- R6E, BIOS 3403 (not modded), 10980xe, 64GB 3600MHz (8x8)- PCIE...

rodval by Level 7
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