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CPU core Ratio limit in BIOS 1004

Level 10
Hello Friends,

I belive i have to ask for help again , i belive something i am missing here !
i got Rampage VI Extreme Encore and an I9-10900x and i see its starting all the time with a view cores with 4.7 Ghz and some with 1.2 ghz , ok i found sync all cores , and sett them all to lets say 4.0 Ghz , excelent ist workin but restarting i have to do it all over again ...
ok then into BIOS ! there is Max CPU core ratio and limit CPU core ratio, but is can do what ever i want , by specific core or all cores or by usage , turbo on /of or spreed shift on/of , it dosent let me change the core ratio from "auto" .
i dont see what i have misse here or do i have to rum at least one time the AI overclocking from the asus suite 3 ? to change valures from there ?
In the asus suite i didnt change nothing just the CPU Core ratio , but i dont see why i cant do the same in BIOS its in auto and greyed out, what i have to read or maybe someone has a idea what i have missed here ?!

Thanks a lot
With friendly Greetings

EDIT: I just type in under CPU Ratio "40" , hey it dosent look like its aktive but now its working , just type over "Auto" your multipicator , thats it , i dint think its working but it is ! case is closed !

Level 10
One more Think , i got a little confused here with the OC Voltage valores , it says "Default" , and i did check "Adaptive" all Cores .
Ok so i have a "Sync all cores" rato with a multipayer from 40 ok its working ! and a AVX construction set to -3 , ok i read about this its ok BUT i put here the offset OC Voltage zu 1.017 looks not to much but in "Icue" it shows me i have VCore 1.64 , is that ok or maybe i change here something ?

With friendly greetings