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Incoming New Pcie 5.0 ssd's run Crazy Hot need active cooling???

Level 9
I've been looking every now and again for news on PCIE 5.0 ssds/m.2s. Some of the samples that were given out for Phison ( run so hot that it needs an active mini fan cooler. I hope that's not gonna be the standard for these 10gb/s beasts. My z690 board as I'm sure as well as for the other z790 boards, have that one 5.0 m.2 slot under the center cover on the mobo. There's no way any active cooling is gonna be viable for me. I have a bad suspicion that these PCIE 5.0 M.2s are gonna run hot like lava when running any kind of sustained write.

Has anyone at ASUS seen any of these 5.0 2280's?

Just curious how cooling will work on those if the 5.0 slot is under the hood of my Z690 extreme?

What is everyone else thinking, any shot we see one of these 5.0's drives anytime soon without dedicated cooling? I'm just curious cuz I got one of those 5.0 m.2 slots I assumed I'd use one of these days.

Take care