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What's the Holdup w/ the D5 TUF Z790 Mobo?

Level 7
Even though they are still virtually nonexistent, I'm holding out hope I will be able to own a TUF 4090 soon (mostly because they and the (overpriced?) Strix are the only 4090s that might be able to switch their fifth video port without needing to unplug cables - if anyone can confirm this is really possible, I would hugely appreciate it!) Unimpressed with other motherboard designs, I wouldn't mind doing an all-TUF build, but I'm looking to squeeze every drop of performance out of current and future DDR5 RAM, which apparently means I should really be on the Z790 platform.

So, where is the DDR5 version of the TUF Z790 motherboard?

The D4 Z790 is out, and the Z690 DDR5 TUF motherboard has been on shelves for a while, and even the (overpriced??) Strix line has a DDR5 Z790 available, but I can find no evidence of the TUF Z790 D5 ever being sold. People on Reddit seem convinced this is a forthcoming SKU, but even months after that confirmation it still hasn't appeared on Newegg, Amazon, or even out of stock in Microcenter.

Is the TUF Z790 D5 vaporware? :confused: