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Z490-A Prime will not boot into bios no matter what

Level 7
Hey guys. I have win 10 pro and recently something changed. I cannot boot into the uefi no matter what. Even if I go through windows settings recovery and tell it to boot into the uefi. The system boots right to windows and I no longer see the Asus spalsh screen. Holding F2 or Del won't do anything. The only way it works is if I clear the cmos jumper and pull the battery. Then it allows me to enter the bios once. Then once I set my settings, it goes back to not allowing me to enter the bios. Right to windows login screen.

What could be going on here? Resetting the bios works, but only once. I disabled fast boot from my power settings and am at a total loss.

Do you guys know what I could do to get my asus splash screen back? And to see press f2 or del?


Level 7
I got it working. Just cleared cmos and used xmp1 settings. Left everything else at default. System shows splash screen again. Thanks!