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What nvme ports are recommended? What ports are chipset/cpu?

Level 7
I'm going to change from 3 nvme disks to 2 and I'm wondering what ports are recommended?
I was thinking of using M2_1 for the C: disk as it's just above the GPU and that's because I'll most likely don't replace it anytime soon.
The m2_2 are located directly under the GPU so that port I don't want to use because of the heat and it's hard to replace the NVME as I need to take out the GPU to do it every time.

What I was thinking is to use the M2_3 port as the game/storage nvme as it's "free" and will not get as hot as the other two ports and as that nvme are for games and storage it 'll be more reading/writing to it.

I have the ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO is this OK? I guess that the port don't matter? I can't understand from the manual what ports that are going trough the chipsets and what ports are going trough the CPU. Can someone explaine that for me? thank!