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asus tuf dash f15 2022 issues keyboard light settings not saved / breathing / battery

Level 8

i have some issue with my tuf dash 2022 asus - when i disconnect power-supply it forgets that it was off

same with this dammn 'breathing' that drives me crazy - after disconnecting power supply after everyboot i have to do like 10-20clicks to lounch amoury > goto my device > lightning > and breathing - it says is 'off' but it is lie ! on slep it will 'breath'/ BLINK LIKE SOME TOY FOR MY CHILD ALL NIGHT. i have to tourn it 'on' and 'off' - this is only way to disable this damn thing;/

on support they told me that they known about the issue and have no idea IF and WHEN this will be fixed i can get my money back if i want - shame ;/ here is some video that shows the issue

if someone known how to do it 'other way' - maybe some script / whatever

im developer so i known a 'bit' but have no idea how to disable breathing / keyboard light using theirs 'controll interface'

please advise

also they battery charging limit feature is fake one. it does not wark if you reboot Your laptop from time to time. It will work only if You never reboot Your laptop.


this model use /drain baterry during havy gaming and there is nothing what can be done- no way to disable it - it is 'feature' not bug for them. hybryd power source they call that. shame again.

here it is link about that - it says that this is for older model but support confirmed me that this is the 'feature' of 2022 model also of hybryd powersource - not that this will damage our battery (more damege when more playing heavy game' - no no - it will not damage it, it is 'feature' if You belive them.

shame Asus shame.

besr regards!

Level 8
so does anyone own this model also or i was only one dumb enough to buy it ?

Level 8
so does anyone own this model also or i was only one dumb enough to buy it ?

some have solved the problem by uninstalling armory crate and doing an offline install of a previous version
you could first download the lighter offline version from this link and see if it solves the problem (662.57 MB),
then you can install the most updated one always shown on the same site.

To do a good job, you could use deep uninstall software, having created a restore point or backup beforehand

It's actually always good to make a backup
because if something goes wrong, with a few clicks you're back to where you started, and you also need it if you get a virus in the future or your system breaks down.
Here is good free software for making backups.

amoury updates itself and it was broken like this from 1st day it waws relased so there newer was any amoury version that did not had the issue.

did you solve the problem now?

it is not my problem - it is asus problem with this model they need to fix it !

I also initially had the problem of the keyboard flashing.
Even armory craute did not solve the problem,

Then I did a re-installation of the system windows 10
I uninstalled the keyboard
and installed an old ATK driver package for the ROG (win10 64)
and everything worked fine.

At this link an Asus spokesperson, explains that this drive also works with win11

Could you uninstall the keyboard and install this diver
and in the unlikely event that it doesn't work, I can email you, a copy of the one I used.
(Obviously you have to back up your system first for total security).

Next I installed armoury crate in the 600 Mb offline version, which I notified you about above.

but on with model You are taling about ? witch You own ?

I currently have a TUF F17

However, from what I understand this driver should also be the same for other ROG and Asus versions.

There is some testing to be done, and I too lost a lot of time before arriving at the solution.
This is why a backup of the system is necessary, and should be kept for at least a couple of months.

Also, even the ATK driver, after some time, occasionally shows a small problem in the Asus ROG.
The keyboard does not turn on when I start the PC.

In my case, I would not be surprised if in some time the TUF keyboard, too, does not turn on when I start the PC.
In this case you need to have the shortcut to the file on the desktop and click on it
C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\HControl.exe.