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Need directions for self help - post hibernation problems.

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EDIT: I forgot to mention that although I have these issues for both post-sleep and post-hibernation, I rarely use sleep and have since disabled auto sleep features since a year ago. Even still, I use hibernation the majority of the time. For most of my time using my laptop use hibernation so I can resume my work easily. My post-hibernation issues I feel have been increasing in frequency for at least 6 months ago but I can't say for certain.

EDIT 2: This issue seems to also happen if I let my laptop idle for too long after it has its display auto-off. The issue is inconsistent, sometimes it can be a few minutes too long and it will result in issue no.1, but that same amount of time can yield no issues. My setup includes closing the lid of the laptop and using an external display, I set this action to do nothing so at most, it just switches off the laptop's display. I have since disabled the display auto-off as of March 2nd and will monitor.


ROG Strix G512LV, it's been 5 years so I'm sure it's out of warranty. Laptop repair services last I recall are about 200-300 so I'm going to see if I can resolve this myself.

I have an issue that's becoming more frequent these days whereby post-hibernation or sleep, 3 things can happen.
1. The power indicator is on but all monitors and keyboards are blacked out, not on. 
2. The same as above but the laptop keyboard is switched on.
3. Same as 1 but eventually I get a blue screen and the percentage is stuck at 100
I have to force shutdown by holding down the power button for all scenarios. I use hibernation often and have been avoiding sleep function.

I've tried to disable sleep and fast startup, ensure my power supply is properly connected, reset my ROG BIOS settings to default (no undervolt whatsoever), and although the frequency does reduce, it is often enough to be of concern. My research yields me to power supply issues or faulty RAM but I'm not familiar with computer electronics. For the past 3 years at least, I am connected constantly to these:

1. 1 USB 3.0 port is connected to USB Hub (IETS Cooler but the fan is powered with a separate power source) with 3 USB connections, Mouse, Keyboard, and mousepad LED lights.
2. The power supply is connected and is often switched on (only recently for the past two months I figured out MyAsus to limit charge at 50%)
3. USB-C (backside) is connected to another USB Hub, no self-power.
 3a. USB Hub is connected to all Wacom One (display tablet) connections, including its power cable so the laptop is powering the Wacom One through the USB-C via the USB Hub.
 3b. USB Hub is connected to a JBL Speakers via USB 3.0 but it is rarely used but always connected.
 3c. USB Hub is connected to a ToolBox controller (external controller with mappable configurations). Always connected and active.
4. HDMI is connected to an external monitor and it has its own power supply.
5. Ethernet is connected always but sometimes used.
6. One more USB 3.0 on the laptop side is used for a wireless controller. Constantly plugged in.

The frequency has become more prominent for at least the past 4 months if I am being generous.
Please help me in figuring out the issue of my problem. And if the issue is internal components, I'll see if I can learn through some teardown videos. I will need help to figure out which component is the issue and I'll see if I can resolve it with my own means (nothing but a screwdriver, alcohol, and a squeeze blower, no solder equipment, sorry).


Level 12

unplug all that is hooked into your laptop and put into sleep mode something is keeping it awake even though you want it to go to sleep.

But I would suggest to turn sleep mode off completely as that's a better fix than what MS has come up with which is nothing. if you search you tube under Linus tech tips they did a video on it  as to why sleep mode has never worked correctly.

I forgot to mention that I've rarely used sleep and have since disable any forms of sleep or auto sleep since a year ago. I'm only using hibernation, unless you meant that hibernation also cause issues? I've a lot of work that I want to resume on the get go on bootup, hence why I usually hibernate my laptop majority of the time.


But I'll check Linus tips and see if there is anything

And by unplugging, do you mean each time Im off my computer for hibernation I need to unpmug everything? It hasnt been an issue since I first use my laptop. Is something happening that I dont know of to warrant that practice?

Hibernation mode puts a lot of strain on SSDs, because every time you hibernate, a lot of data is written to the drive. Check the drive for serious R/W errors.

I used two methods I found online. I right click the OS (C:) drive for properties and under the tool section scan for errors. it took about 2 minutes to return no errors found, there was also a pop up that says there is no need to scan the drive prior to that.

Another method I went to CMD > WMIC > diskdrive get status

So I assume there is no issue there.
Still, I'll abstain from hibernation from now on. As much as I'm avoiding the action that will lead to the issue, I still haven't diagnose the cause

This is the video I was talking about 

Yes everything every time you put your system into sleep/hibernation.

Level 10

Something I am working on try it and let me know what its does or doesn't do for the problems with S0

been running on my G814 for 4mths no issues

Send me a PM and I will send you the zip.


Level 7

In the meantime, does anyone know how to disable sleep when idle? I'm using the laptop connected to another monitor, usually, I close the laptop and have it such that the system does not do anything when the lid is closed. I have the display to switch off after idle for a set time and usually, I can resume back to normal but I think if I left it idle for too long, it might have gone to sleep? Whatever it is, it resulted in issue no.1 as I mentioned in the post.

As of the timing of this post I have disabled display auto-off but I would like to have that feature.