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2021 ASUS TUF Gaming F17 ( 706HM) - lots of problems

Level 7

so I bought this laptop like 3 months ago and it was working just fine, everything was great.

2 months in and problems start appearing:

1. Battery suddenly discharges from 100% to 0% when you touch something on laptop randomly (once it even shocked me a bit).
2. One USB on the left side died because of no reason and is probably causing the short circuit (it was always plugged in, just stopped working)
3. Connecting usb-c do displayport cable to a DP 1.2 enabled monitor (like dell U2415) not giving any picture at all. If i turn off DP 1.2 you get picture. The point of using DP 1.2 is so i can daisy chain 2 monitors. WIth usb-c to minidp ADAPTER + minidp to DP cable, it works fine. (wierd).
4. Suddenly laptop turns on and has vents maximized like 5k+ rpm but armoury crate shows 2-3k, they also make some sound like they're clacking very very hard. After switching turbo to windows mode they just suddenly stop like in a second instead of winding down... VERY VERY WIERD.

Anyone got issues like this or whatever?