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New FA506QR optimisations?

Level 10
As the title implies, have you guys given drivers a sneaky overhaul or something?

I haven't played on my laptop for a week or so, I decided to get Dead Space as i wanted a good old fashioned horror to play. Setting it all up Nvid tells me I have new drivers, great, why not I think. Updates as normal, clean install. Then CCleaner randomly gives me a pro upgrade. Fair enough, do a bit of maintenance and the driver updater tells me I have out of date drivers for several things. I check MyASUS and Armoury crate, says nothing. To hell with it, I update all the drivers tidy things up and proceed to set up the settings on Dead Space. Laptop on turbo (FA506QR, 5800H, RTX3070 95w), MSI AB and Riva tuner on so I can see what's going on.
Dead Space at 4k 60hz... and I forget what frequency the GPU was at, but it was less than 1000mhz. My eyebrows raise so high my hairline got lower. No way... wattage was between 20-45w and temps obviously were much lower too.

Bah, silly me I think. It's an old game, it shouldn't need all that power anyway. my mind flashes to Fallout 4 having no idea what to do with an RTX card and tries hogging it all with all the power. Bit of a head scratcher but meh. I'll go back to my old faithful. Forza Motorsport 7. Fresh install means redoing the graphics settings. I set it to QHD everything on dynamic and 60fps Vsync (plenty smooth enough and I don't play competitive so lower temps appeal to me more). During menu screens I see the odd flicker of 1200mhz, then drops to 8-900mhz of 780mhz, again around 20-45w. My eyes widen some more, this title usually doesn't drop below around 1300mhz and during races sits around 17-1800mhz on turbo. The races run 60fps at 780mhz smoothly as if it could have been on full power, menus and championship standing screens actually take it higher than that briefly.

Machine has been restarted, HWinfo has been consulted everything rings true and I'm amazed. I mean I have no idea if this is something ASUS has a hand in or if Nvid decided to optimise GPU usage depending on how demanding the game is. I haven't really got much in terms of new AAA games on here to test if a more demanding title would make it ramp up more or not. If I flick turbo off and back on HWinfo shows it pings 1800mhz and then drops.

Anyone else experiencing this or anyone at ASUS knows where this sudden efficiency has come from?
As far as I know Dead space and Forza 7 have no DLSS or anything like that.

For the most part Nvidia is responsible for optimizations. The partner company can customize power targets, cooling, etc. but game-specific tuning is going to be Nvidia.
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Level 10
Tbh, I am surprised it has taken this long to make this kind of optimisation. Dead Space I originally played on the 360. Which ran an age old 3 core xenon clocked at 3.2ghz I believe, graphics at 500mhz. Logic would dictate it shouldn't need 100% of a GPU 12 years later.

It now seems to lower clocks to a comfy runable level, Dead Space literally runs at about 500mhz on a 3070.