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GL703GM - Keyboard not lighting up at all

Level 7
Hi all,

I have had trouble with my Gaming Laptop (GL703GM) for several months now. I have updated the BIOS to version 310 and have installed all windows updates available for OS and third party. The problem I am having is that the Backlight for the keyboard is not working at all. I have also reset my Windows 10 installation (Version: 1903, Build: 18362.449) and updated all again. There was no change. All other function of the keyboard work as well as the On Screen Display notifications when using all of the 'FN' key functions including the keyboard Back Light brightness. The ROG Core program seems to be working as well, which is the latest version. I have also followed the instruction on the ASUS Support website ( with no change. Could I please get some help with this as I mostly use the laptop at night and the Backlite keyboard was a selling point that I was after when I bought the laptop.

Thanks in advance.

Level 9
All things keboard and lighting:
1: ATK package (ASUS Keyboard hotkeys Driver V?.?.?.? your version)
2: ROG Aura Core Component (this is a asus app, not available on your support page. It should be in your esupport folder at this location: C: esupport/edriver/software/Win32App/Asus/)
3: ROG Aura Core (windows store app)
4: Aura Lighting Service and or Aura Service (same thing different versions)
5: you might have a keyboard hotfix (support downloads page)
6: Asus Keyboard Hotkeys (windows store app)
All of these should be in your esupport folder or on you support downloads page. (

Uninstall everything (pay attention to the wording of the pop up during your ATK install/uninstall) reboot.

Install in this order:
ROG Aura Core Component (double click the Setup.exe)
ROG Aura Core (windows store app)
Aura Lighting Service (per instructions on your support downloads page, IE: right click run as administrator install.bat file) Be patient sit for four minutes let lighting service fully install.
Keyboard hotfix (if applicable)
Then run Asus Live Update (program) let it update any lighting service or hotfix.
Asus Keyboard Hotkeys (windows store app) REBOOT
Should now have a functioning factory keyboard, lighting and ROG Aura Core app there may be minor discrepancies between our models.

Thanks for the reply,

I followed the install instructions you provided with one exception. The ROG Aura Core Component folder on my 'C:\' drive was empty. I followed the rest but no change. I also contacted Asus and was advised that the Laptop will need to be sent to a service centre however it is out of warranty so I would bare full cost. Any suggestions where I can get the missing file? Also as it is out of warranty I pulled the back off the laptop to check connection and found both ribbons for the keyboard securely connected.

Level 9
Unfortunately sound like a hardware problem. My specific model is GL703GE - IS74 (I've always been confused about this original file not available for download. I think, or assume it's been replaced by the newer versions of Aura lightingservice. But without it my keyboard seems to not function properly. Here is a copy of my ROG Aura Core Component:
ATTENTION: This is a German site that provides windows ISO's for ASUS computers, many users use these to get a original eSupport folder for there pc. fyi: these ISO's will contain programs not for the American market. Find your model download the ISO; mount it and search for ROG Aura Core Component, it should be in the location I originally provided. If this ISO doesn't have it maybe your model didn't come with it. I noticed there are 2 versions for your model: P.S. did you check your keyboard brightness setting using the fn keys or ROG Aura Core APP lol:)

Level 7
This often happens because of bugs in the Armoury Crate/Aura tool.

Tried this?
Start the Armoury Crate app
Go to Aura section (Aura Effects) and manually change the mode of the lighting. i.e. to Static or any other.
Your lights should turn on.