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GL553VD Touchpad/keyboard driver issue: CAN'T TYPE!

Level 7
Hey everyone, I've been having this issue for some time, and after thinking that I had solved it, it has returned.

To put it simple, every time I type, the right-click menu box is triggered. This makes me unable to type anything, and as of right now I'm switching back and forth between my keyboard and my on-screen keyboard, in the hopes of maintaining some sanity.
(Although, at this moment, it seems to be working fine, but I KNOW it will go back to it's evil ways once I restart the system.)

What I've tried:
- Uninstall/Re-install mouse and keyboard drivers. While doing this, I noticed that I didn't have a touchpad driver, although I do have a Asus Precision TouchPad in the Human Interface Devices (don't know if it's relevant, although I find it strange);
- Uninstall/Re-install ATK, Asus Live Update, I even installed Asus Touchpad Handwriting, hoping it would make a difference (spoiler: it didn't);
- Updated BIOS, got version 304;
- Check for errors using CMD. Got some things fixed, but nothing that resolved this issue;
- On the Touchpad settings, changed the sensitivity to low and unchecked all the taps, scroll and zoom, as well as all gestures;
- Since I'm using a remote mouse as well, I tried different ones but the result was the same.

And that's about it. Nothing worked, and I just don't know what to do anymore.

I'm hoping I can avoid going to the store and get it fixed there because, although I do have the warranty, they take way to long to return it, and I got work to do.
I know this because I had to fix it once before, due to some serious blue screen issues, and it took them three weeks.
The report came back with a BIOS update, an optical disk drive fix, and the original OS installed. Yeah, that was a fun ride.

Hopefully someone around here can help me.
Be aware, I'm mostly a newbie, so if you could instruct me on how to do things, I would be much obliged!
Thanks for helping! 🙂

GL553VD, INTEL CORE I7-7700HQ, 15.6", 32GB, 1TB, W10 HOME