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Kernel power error event id 41 task 63

Hello can someone help me whit this issue ? My notebook is randomly shutdowns, sometimes it takes 1 week and no restart but sometimes it happends every day.Notebook : ROG-GL502VSThe nootebook is brand new but i don't have waranty, so i can't send it ...

Pepsy by Level 7
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GL553VE Keyboard Died

I have a GL553VE ROG laptop purchased brand new in March and the keyboard has up and died. It appears to be a a hardware issue (tried reinstalling drivers and running Linux from disk with no success) and there doesn't appear to be any visible damage ...

Gl553vd.301 just shutdown when playing games

Hello i got big problem when i play games (arma3,ark,Cabal2,Crysis)it just shutdown and its a bit hot i lower the CPU power with -0.100v cause i sow that hint from some other thread but i got again that problem i play for like a 1h and the first shut...

Shadyx by Level 7
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GL753VE Artifacting

Hello all, I recently got this laptop (GL753VE), new, from a retailer and it ran fine for a week. Two days ago, whenever I started any games (Dota2, Total War: Warhammer, OW) the system would either load the image fine, then after a few seconds the i...

Maraloc by Level 7
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GL702VS owners, what thunderbolt version?

I went to the store and played with a GL702VS, but the demo was locked down without admin rights, and did not have thunderbolt software installed.From the thunderbolt system tray settings >> details.....what does your thunderbolt controller info say ...

link626 by Level 7
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Keyboard and power problem on G502VM/windows 10

Hi,I have the a similar problem as"Other of big problems are that my laptop sometimes after I shutdown it starts by himself, turned off fastboot; wake on lan and wake...

Phryos by Level 7
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