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G75VW and connection to a high definition Dell U2711 monitor

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I have just purchased this Dell U2711 Monitor and was wondering which would be the best way to connect the together. On my ASUS I have both HDMI and Mini DisplayPort connections, and the Dell U2711 comes with all sorts of ports, mainly two DVI, one HDMI and a DisplayPort.

Since I want to achieve the best resolution possible, in this case something like 2560 x 1440, I wonder which would be the best cable to plug them both. I have heard (or read) thaat HDMI does not support such high resolution, but I'm not sure if our HDMI does. Dell recommend using the DVI port and I have even read some people using the two DVI ports the Dell has connecting them with a split cable to the Mini DisplayPort connection on our G75VW.

What do you recommed?

By the way, if you are wondering why I went for the Del U2711 and not other monitors available, it was just that I could not afford anything more expensive and apart from that, the fact that this Dell monitor as far as I can tell has not had a single negative writeup considering the price differences. I will use it mostly for Photoshop CS6 and of course the odd game here and there... 😄

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It depends. If you want 48bit color then HDMI will not support that resolution at a 60hz refresh. If you are willing to use a lower color setting then you might get away with HDMI. It depends on what modes your monitor supports including resolution, refresh rate, and color depth.

If you just get a DisplayPort cable then you won't have any issues though.
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Thanks xeromist,

Just did a copy/paste for you so you evaluate it. My guess is that a Mini Displayport to DisplayPrt cable should do the trick; I just hope the nVidia card is up to that refresh rate and resolution.

Ok, I got the monitor and I can confirm that using the HDMI connection I can only achieve 1980 x 1080. Actually nVidia graphics Control Panel will only show up to that resolution. On monday Y should receive the Micro DisplayPort to DisplayPort and we'll see then. Dell however recommends using the DVI connector to achieve maximum resolution.

And do I notice bad quality in the 1980 x 1080 resolution? well yes, being a much bigger screen, icons and written matter are uneven and blotchy. Just hope the cable I'm waiting for solves this problem. Have searched for reports and videos related to this great monitor, but can't find anything regarding this matter.

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Did you manage to connect your G75VW and U2711 in native resolution? Is DisplayPort working?

I'm thinking about buying G55VW and one of the requirements is to be able to drive my U2711. The only possibility seems to be the DisplayPort. I don't have an opportunity to try this in any store, so I must rely on Internet information.


I'm pleased to say that G55VW works with Dell U2711b via DisplayPort at native resolution of 2560x1440

Display port and DVI are both digital links, so you should get equal image quality.
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