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Zephyrus M16 (GU604VI) 2023 No power until AC adapter is plugged

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I purchased Zephyrus M16 (GU604VI) 2023 on October2023 at a retail store locally new. I've had countless issues since using this (from bloatwares with Armoury Crate to this No power scenario). 
The laptop is fully updated:
BIOS on 312, most recent Win11 softwares.

It's mainly plugged on a dock for multiple monitor set up. All leading to USBC-dgpu (right side port) w/ 100W power.

Once I shut down for the day, my next day (or after 12hrs+) routine this past month is to plug in the OEM AC adapter in order to turn on the laptop . If not, powering on without the plug, the laptop will not turn on at all... I would press the power button countless times and no luck until I plug it into the adapter (not docking station). This situation should not be a laptop if I cannot bring it separately and always needs a power brick to turn on.. It's becoming frustrating as I have to come to the office more often and also needing to bring the power brick for it to power on.. There was also another instance that my USBC port (right side) did not work, no power or data at all! I'm glad to have found a post from someone who suggested to unplug the battery from the laptop and let it discharge internally for a few minutes and after replugging, everything worked.
I purchased this laptop to have the ability to work independently without being plugged in (definition of a laptop) and have a decent lasting battery. This was my reason from moving from a Razer product and try out this glorified ASUS M16.. 
I've read a few comments on this forum with little to no solution.. 

Now we are in 2024, I wonder if anyone found a workaround instead of being offered a solution to update BIOS... I've owned multiple laptops (from Compaq, Dell, HP, Razer, and now Asus). So far the worry-free laptop that I have owned was the Razer, aside from it's horrible battery life. I've never had to deal with their customer service nor any blue screens. Compaq and Dell was awful along with their customer service. HP just didnt know what they were doing with their first gaming slim laptop.. And now this being my first as an ASUS user, im conflicted and frustrated.. I am at a point of returning this laptop and going back to Razer.. 
Like what can create this discrepancy of not being able to turn on without the AC adapter??
ASUS engineers and support- figure this out instead of pushing it to the other models for 2024!



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I've got related problem. I also bought Asus M16 2023 after Razer Blade. And also had no issues there except for battery swelling once a year or two, but no software bugs.

On M16 I expirienced your bug (no turning on until plugged in), Wi-Fi bug (didn't work at all until I found some Windows fix), screen flickering and the most problematic - laptop stops to charge after some time on heavy loads like gaming.

Replugging straight away doesn't help. I needed to wait at least 5 minutes for it to start work again. But now even this thing doesn't help. It's just refuses to charge. Only USB-C charging through external monitor helps.

I did EC reset by pressing power button for 40 seconds, but it didn't solve the issue. So right now I can only use my gaming laptop as a browsing laptop. No games or battery will die.

Every driver and windows are up-to-date. So I have few options only: try to unplug the battery for sometime. Then reset BIOS, maybe change drivers and that's it. And resell it to someone 🤷🏻‍♂️

Support didn't help too much. Sadly. I like the laptop, but it's unusable this way.


P.S. About your problem: try switch Sleep mode to Hibernate mode. And also I think Standart GPU mode works better then Maximum GPU mode (in Armoury Crate) with multiple monitors setup.

Appreciate the response. 
I'll try out your set up about Hibernate mode. 
I just had another issue with the power not turning on w/o being plugged in and USBC port none functioning. Had to disconnect the battery again... Last time lasted for 2-3weeks. Let see how this works. 
GHelper has been a huge help. But I feel there is a system conflict internally. 
I've read on other forums that my issue was a motherboard case. It makes sense if the USBC Port and power plug has some sort of current instability. 
Since i'm 4months in, going to take it to Bestbuy. 
Right now- im looking about going back to Razer and get the 3070Ti or 3080Ti.. I could care less for frame generation. This experience has not been the best and put a set back on my workflow...

Unplugging the battery seems like the appropriate solution so far. But again, that leads it to a motherboard issue.. 


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I don't know if it will help in your situation, but 2 days ago a guy posted the solutions on reddit:

For my problem I found another solution - I bought a new ac/dc adapter and everything works fine now, charging is working finally. Old adapter (not actually old, but the one from the box) doesn't charge.