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G751JY Performance problems.

Level 7
Specs: GeForce GTX 980M - 16GB DDR3 - i7-4720HQ - Windows 10 x64

My Notebook is not performing really well, FPS are dropping (not stable at all). I have my Nvidia settings on default, since even when i change the energy setting for my Graphic card from "Optimal" to "Maximum" it feels worse. I think my Notebook is not really optimized. I already re-installed it to default with windows 10 and installed the Nvidia driver etc.

Games where i experience FPS drops/Low FPS:
For Honor (FPS drops and sometimes constantly lower FPS)
CSGO (FPS drops)
Borderlands 2 (Super unstable FPS drops.)
League of Legends (Stutter (looks like vibrations) when moving the camera with my mouse)

I run none of these games, but Borderlands 2 with Vsync since Vsync inputs lag which isnt too nice for competetive games. I use my Gsync on Borderlands 2 and For Honor to try and reduce the Stutter which doesnt really work too good.

All i want is knowing if my Notebook is working normal and is performing to its fullest, or if something is missing. It would be really disappointing paying this "much" and being not able to play THESE specific games without any problems.

Level 12
The temps are definitely looking a bit on the higher side for sure. You should consider getting some better thermal compound (ex. Thermal Grizzly), cleaning it up and then re-applying the thermal compound to see if you can shave off a few more degrees.

Can you give me any links where i can buy the stuff i need? Because ive never doen anything like that (Opening my Computer/Notebook and cleaning/re-applying Thermal paste or whatever). And also ive found out that many people use XTU for the i7-47XX Processor/s, does anyone of you know how to tweak the settings for mine to lower temps and deny the Thermal Throttling aswell as the Power limit throttling? because everything i find is kinda outdated and many settings are "removed" or "renamed" and i dont wanna mess anything up by changing stuff so i wanted to ask first!

Level 12
Thermal Grizzly is developed in Germany, so I thought you might have heard about it since you're from Germany. You should be able to find it at any computer shop in Germany or online at any major e-tailers. If you don't have experience doing this then I recommend that you send it back to our service center to ask them to help you re-apply thermal paste on your CPU. Since you've probably had your notebook for some time, it's probably better idea not to under-volt it as it might not be stable. I would recommend that you do reapplication of the thermal compound first to see if it's able to shed off at least 4-5 degrees Celsius.

Okay, thanks for the reply, i guess theres no way around it but to send my Notebook to Asus and let them "repair" it. Thank you!