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Left shift disabled by mousepad while gaming

Hi there,I have been a G73 owner for a couple years and today decided to upgrade to the G74sX series even though I have had numerous problems with the touchpad and kernel drivers.To my surprise after I installed all my software and went to play a sim...

stevieb by Level 7
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G73SW Freezes/Hangs Issues (With some observations)

Hi allI acquired this beautiful laptop some weeks ago, and since day one I got some problems. THe laptop would randomly start working, flash the screen, show some errors with Nvidia Driver, etc etc.Sometimes the mouse stopped moving and that was it, ...

HavokD by Level 9
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gpu on gefore 560m overclock

i was able to to set the gpu up to core-900 shader-1800 is the benchmark that i have got testing on 3dmark III was able to run B3 for about few mins but then the graphic boost stop running and also B3....

DEFTSTAR by Level 7
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g74sx-bbk9 not receiving any power

Alright, so I just bought my g74sx-bbk9 about 5 days ago. It was having some problems coming out of hibernate, so I just disabled hibernate all together. It had been working fine for about 3 days until today, when rather than sleeping it I completely...

jorict by Level 7
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G74SX-BBK9 keyboard help

LOL.. please ignore the title... typed the captcha in the subject...oops.Hello all,I have a new G74SX-BBK9. I have read about the keyboard issues and am experiencing them myself.. most notably with the space bar and tab key. I have the ATK 1.00014 ...

frazzxr by Level 7
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G53sx-DH71 Performance verification please.

Greetings,I just purchased a brand new Asus G53sx-DH71. Specs below.Display:15.6" LED (1920x1080) MatteVideo Card:2048MB nVIDIA DDR5 GTX 560MDriver Version 295.73Processor:2nd Generation Intel® Mobile Core i7 2670QM Memory:12GB DDR3 1333MHzHard Drive...

Crashes after driver update

Hi all, new guy here and an owner of an Asus G70S. Had a problem so I thought best place to come was here. Asus G70S LaptopT9400 Core 2 Duo 4GB Ram2 x 8700M GT w/ SLI Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Recently Nvidia issues the 295.73 update so I went ahead...

ace9988 by Level 7
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