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OS Harddrive Failure (Spins, Not Registered). Return Policy Ends Friday.

Level 7
I have a G74Sx-BBK9 (Ugh.. 128 bit GPU) I purchased about 9 days ago. I put a year of ADH on it. Walked out a happy customer.
I swapped the raid partitioned data drive out with my own Seagate drive, installed a fresh copy of Windows 7, and proceeded to enjoy my laptop.

I was playing Diablo II of all things a couple days ago and started stuttering (the audio and framerates) so I switched to the desktop and found that I couldn't open anything. Restarted and what do you know, the other drive (original OS drive) where Diablo was installed had crashed. Guess where the bootloader was? On that drive.
Soo.... while trying to figure if other people have had the same experience I found that A: my G74Sx is gimped (graphics) and B: the G75 is slated to start selling in the near future.

I was wondering what you guys would recommend?
$1200 of the $1400 ($1249.99 + $149.99 ADH) came from a Best Buy gift card.. so I'd only be able to get another laptop from there.
I'm thinking of possibly returning it and using some of the credit towards and iPad 3 and then using the remaining and whatever I sell my iPad 2 for towards the G75 when it comes out.

Just thought I'd hear some opinions 🙂

Level 11
I try to figure, how many drive you have in this g74 ?