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We really need a new working driver 880m for Asus ROG G750JZA

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Guys, maybe there really are no owners of such crap anymore, but if there are, then I really need the latest driver for my video card to run CS2. All that suits my system are 2 old drivers from 2014, versions 333.02 and 347.52, others are not accepted in any way by my system on Windows 10. Not a single driver from the official Nvidia website was suitable, the installation is accompanied by blue screens with various kinds of errors. If I could at least install version 425.31, it would already be a victory. You would know how I have been suffering with this crap for 5 years now. I searched all the forums but there is no solution. And now I'm forced to create this thread for a possible solution. I will be very grateful if my old lady can run CS2.

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Partially solved the problem thanks to the utility from the "driveridentifier" website. Having scanned its system, the site offered many options and at random was able to find a more or less new working option.

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The link to the working driver from the official website of the Asus is different from the analogue from the Nvidia website:

Why do you call your laptop old crap? I have a model fairly similar to your the 750 JM with a n860 M instead of the 880M and I have nothing but praise for that laptop. I have had it for 10 years and it never failed me. One the best purchases I ever did.It always started, the only thing I had to change was one of the hard drives that gave up after 6 years the other is still running well. I ma only suing it for light tasks now as I have 2 newer and more powerful gaming laptops. The last driver Nvidia I was able to installing that laptop was one from 2017. After that Nvidia dropped support for these old generation gpus. Although i chercked the Nvidia webpage and now there's a one from 2023????

In your case I suspect your driver's installation went awry as possibly the download file was corrupted . You should do a system restore going back to before that driver installtion. Then download the driver again and do a manual installation of the driver , don't use Geforce experience.

Unfortunately, over 5 years there were 1000 attempts to install various drivers for my laptop and none worked except for these two. With Gefors Experience I never updated the driver, and I cleaned the old one through DDU, after which I started a clean installation, but it didn’t work. Even at the service center, the professionals were unable to install the latest driver. There was one programmer who somehow modified the files inside the driver and then I used the new one, but then it was lost

WoW! I have never heard of that problem before? It's got to be the Windows registry which is corrupted. Have you  tried doing a new, clean installation of Windows 10 or 11 e whichever you are using? Have you tried using the Asus software to install your graphic drivers?

Yes, I installed new Windows 10 about 10-15 times all the time, they also installed it at the service center, now I recently flashed the BIOS to version 210, previously it was 205, I thought it would help, but no. And when I start installing Windows 11, my laptop says that there is no necessary equipment or the system is not compatible.

Sorry I missed that your laptop indeed is too old for Windows 11. Did you try a system restore to go back before your problem installing a new graphic driver statred?  What kind of service centre did you use? Is it an accredited Asus one ?  When they were unable to install a new graphic driver what was their diagnostic or their explanation for it? If you are unable to install new graphic drivers either your Windows registry is not recognizing your gpu and hence you are getting the error message or worse and more likely  it could be that your graphic card has some issues (it's failing)  Other than blue screens do you have any graphic artifacts, dead pixels, discolouring on your screen , lines across low fps, blue screens etc? Here's a link on what to do to check if a graphic card on a laptop is working properly. You might want to check if it's not your problem.


Yes, I restored the system to its original position, it simply removed this problematic driver. Regarding the Service Center - this is an ordinary non-Asus center, they simply could not install a new driver and did not charge me for installing a licensed Windows 10, they just got a blue screen like me, but they didn’t say anything more. The video card is working properly because there are no artifacts and there haven’t been any, and it works fine with 2 old drivers, the only problem is with the drivers from the official Nvidia website. As I read on the forums, laptop manufacturers themselves made drivers for their custom video cards, so analogues from the Nvidia website may not always work, it seems to me that I need to delve into the Nvidia driver files and change something there in the future I will take my old working driver from the website Asus and download an analogue of the same driver from the Nvidia website and look at the differences in them, maybe there will be an answer there

Haven't you tried to use the nVidia driver from Windows 8.1 (V9.18.13.4752)?

You can install Windows 11 on older computers, you just need to prepare an installation flash drive with the "Rufus" program.

Yes, I use this driver now without any problems in older games, however, to run cs2 you need a newer driver, which is what I'm trying to solve