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Sonic Suite Optional?

Level 7
I recently did Windows update on Win 10 Pro and started getting UAC prompts at startup related to sonic studio 3. Basically it's trying to load the tray application but I never got the UAC prompts prior to installing the latest Win 10 update. (not sure exactly what update) Anyways I couldn't/didn't know how to fix it so I just uninstalled sonic studio 3. My other PC I didn't bother installing it at all. Everything seems to be working fine without it. I just have the audio driver installed and I'm using as this one fixes the amplify restart bug. I had to grab this driver from the 370-E page and works perfectly fine on X299-XE. In the realtek audio control panel the sonic suite tab has no functionality but that's expected. No more UAC prompts and I never really like sonic studio anyways. A good pair of speakers is a better solution than some software fix. I did not bother installing SS3 again.

Level 12
I prefer the audio drivers provided by windows update (currently Microsoft driver 10.0.18362.356 from September 2019)). And if necessary I adjust the audio settings of the applications I use.