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How to update your Bios the right way + change boot logo (optional)

Level 8
I have many issues with Asus Motherboards, Asus products in general and AM5 specifically. RMA dramas and horror stories. 
To avoid many issues and to live slightly happier with Asus (like living with a wife that hates you but not as much as you hate her out of convenience); Please make sure to follow these steps or adapt them to your needs: 
For Bios updates (sadly frequent for the unfortunate beta testers aka AM5 users) is necessary and must be done; I do the following:
  1. Download latest Bios
    1. From Asus's support Bios Download website for your Motherboard/Device
    2. From ROG forum for Beta Bios For those who dare! (the official moto of ROG by Asus!)
  2. Reboot and reset current bios to defaults (AM5 necessary unfortunately to avoid massive issues)
  3. Boot back to Windows
  4. Disable memory integrity in Windows. Image
  5. Open EZ Update (AISuite)
  6. Load Bios
  7. Change Logo (optional) by clicking the "My Logo" button -> Mine is attached for inspiration, MB is actually my name, funny I know. 
  8. Click on the Flash Bios Button
  9. It will reboot and flash.
  10. Boot to Bios
  11. Reset to default (again!) 
  12. Reboot again back to Bios (Due to some bugs in the past, it's preferred to reboot once you load defaults before changes). 
  13. Make your changes (cannot use a user saved settings across different Agesa version) For me that's turning off RGB and enabling EXPO profile for RAM + adjust Ram training changes frequency and the SAD Asus AI AMD overclocking to (more likely to change after each training) as well as changing optimism rate to 125% (AFAIK will adjust curve optimiser to non 3D cores lower as long as it doesn't crash during use - not during training on cold boots)
  14. Change Secure boot to Enabled (Windows)
  15. Reset secure boot TPM2.0 keys (otherwise windows secure boot will not be enabled in Windows).
  16. Save and reboot
  17. Enter Recovery key for BitLocker if you use encryption.
  18. Boot Windows
  19. Check secure boot is enabled.
  20. Re-Enable Memory integrity in Windows.
  21. Stress test Memory and do your benchmarks.
  22. Test USB ports for failures and speed (Asus MBs are really sh!tty)
  23. Hopefully you won't need to do that for another 15-25 days :'(
  • AI suite is uninstalled. However, the only decent, supported and easy way to edit your official BIOS is using EZ Update. For example, and that's the only reason I use the EZ Update is to change the silly ROG logo on boot and put a simpler more my age Logo for boot.
  • I uninstalled all Asus software except for EZ Update (by installing AI suite and removing all components except EZ Update).
*Use this at your own risk, the info there works for me and saves me a lot of headaches and drama, if you don't like any of the steps or don't need it, simply disregard it.
At lease see how I do it and give feedback if you think I can do something better. 

My boot logo:
Boot logo for my system.Boot logo for my system.