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How do I control the Polymo Strip without all the Amooury Crate Bloatware ?

Level 9


I would like to see the Polymo lighting on my ROG x670E Crosshair Hero in all its glory. It sometimes vaguely lights up but then it vanishes again, the problem is I uninstalled Armory Crate a year ago and I dont want that thing back on my PC.

So I installed just Aura on its own but this doesnt seem to offer any control over the Polymo.

Is there a single application that actually controls the Polymo - or can you only do this from a plug in/in Armory Crate ?

What I really dont want is to have to have Armory Crate installed, with its Sonic suite malware, watching everything I do on my PC and then constantly uploading all my log files etc. to their central server. I also dont want anything constantly running and updating in the background. I really dont understand how companies think we buy PCs just to run all their little upgrade and spyware programs.