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Rog Strix b350-f gaming Issues after Updating Bios

Level 7
Hi, I just updated the bios to the lastest version and just realized the CPU was increasing the temperature as well voltage usage , CPU was before the update like 32 -38 degrees in the bios screen now is like 43 degrees same in desktop of Win10 and vcore is reaching 1.4 sometimes which is weird because i didn't touch anything just updated for memory ram purposes , i am using HW monitor , CPUZ and AMD Master Ryzen which is showing me the cores are running in 3.2ghz , sometimes like 2.7ghz and sometimes 3.7ghz , it looks unstable to me ,is this Normal or i need to do something else? , Do i need to reconfiguration the values manually in the Bios? Can i Roll back to a previous version if is that so , how i can do it ? , That Vcore is making me crazy . Thanks for reading me and i hope someone can help me.

My PC:

Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix B350-f gaming
CPU: Ryzen 7 1700
RAM: GSkill Ripjaws x2 8gb 3200
SSD: Kingstone Hyperx Fury ssd 240gb

Level 7
i think this is part of the different power stages on this board. i got something similar. try changeing the g-state in the bios to enable and dont forget to install latest amd chipset drivers 17.30 with the ryzen power plan. activate it in the win settings, see how it goes.
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i think there is nothing wrong with 1.4v for a short amount of time when you use XFR.
and yes by default clockspeeds change when you don´t set a fixed multiplier in the bios.

i come from intel and how ryzen handles voltage is a bit confusing to say at least.
AMD has given the CPU a great deal of control as it seems.
even when you set a "fixed" voltage... mainboard and CPU does not seem to care on most mainboards.

in one of the asus north american OC tutorials on youtube you can see the CPU reaching 1.59 volts sometimes. 🙂
the text in the bios turns red.
not that i would be happy with these values. and i sure would not try to use them as "fixed" voltage. 🙂

but on my crosshair 6 hero and B350-f the CPU goes up to 1.4v too when all is set to defaults.
but it stays on 1.4v only for a short amount of time.

that said i updated from bios 0809 to 0811 and i don´t notice any change in temperature.
i can´t use p-state overclocking anymore with bios 0811 but i use the same voltage offset and clockspeed.
temps are at 28-29 degree celsius when idle... same as before.

try to disable core performance boost, since you dont need it when overclocking. running cpu on stock speed should normalize your voltage big time. if overclocking do not go over 1.425 for 24/7 usage! do not go over 1.2V for your soc voltage!
Orwell was an optimist