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what is actually wrong with the Tuf X570 Boards tired of RMA with there Crashs and wont boot.

Level 7

ive almost RMA alll my X570 Tuf gaming motherboards  and they come back with bad memory slots... are they all bad... has the tuf boards been a bad board??   i tired of running windows  it crashes and when it boots it cant boot off the NVME drive  it sees it but it cant boot off it unless you power it off from the power supply  and power back on...  

is the x570 been a bad generation  are there any bios settings to fix it?  i did disable DOCP and went auto  but that didnt fix it... is putting it in the other slots be better?   or what has anyone said.. since asus says there is no problems with the board...  which is unlikely...  i wonder if the Striks have issues?  or if the X670  makes me wonder if i should try MSI  since i have gone through 5 Tuf x570 boards already