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PRIME B360 Plus - VCCIO and VCCSA Voltages

Level 7
MOBO: Prime B360 Plus
CPU: i5 8400

Hi people, one month ago I bought two pairs of XMP kits (Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 MHz), to replace my 2133 MHz ones. I activated XMP and it was all fine, and as expected they ran at 2666 MHz, no problem so far.

Problem started with the posts I saw on various forum posts. I head that XMP sometimes can overset the voltages called VCCIO and VCCSA to the dangerous levels, so much so that it can fry the CPU and Intel wouldn't honour the warranty in such cases.

So I wondered if the same happens to me or not. I checked motherboards BIOS to see what VCCIO and VCCSA voltages are being set to.

Sadly they weren't available for monitoring. I tried AIDA64, Hwinfo and many more programs, but to no avail. I also contacted the ASUS about this, but sadly they ignored my request for the reason of this mobo being a non overclocking MOBO.

Now will come my questions. 😉

In BIOS settings, there's a voltage setting called "System Agent Voltage". Its on Auto but doesn't show any value or whatsoever. It says the maximum System Agent Voltage allowed is 1.15. Is this the "VCCSA" voltage that is being talked about? IF so, is it possible that mobo give a bloated value to this? Should I enter a manual value to guarantee myself? If so, what should that value be for my system?

And secondly, HWINFO shows a voltage called "VTT". It usually hovers around 1.048-1.056. I read somewhere that this is also the VCCIO voltage. Is it true? If thats the case, is it at a reliable voltage?

One more question will be, before the last BIOS update, my UNCORE CLOCK used to hover around 3.5 GHz. With the last BIOS update its set to 3.7 GHz in games. Is it intended? It seems like vCore and temps have risen a bit. And also, the motherboard showed Vcore as 0.944 before, but with the last update, it shows 0.976, which had me worried a bit. Why did ASUS decided to raise the base Vcore? Or am I misinterpreted something about that?

I know I asked alot questions but I hope you can help me. Cheers. 🙂