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i5 9600kf stock, z390-i gaming overvolting!

Level 10
My specs: have z390-i gaming, BIOS default 2603 and i5 9600kf stock frequency, cooler: be quiet dark rock slim. And big tower case with very high airflow - Cooler master h500p. Ram g.skill trident z 3200mhz cl16 2x8GB. Geforce 2070 super. Corsair rm650x 2018.

I read manual, but in BIOS section, there is literally nothing about OC section. I can't even google this, except i found one site, which says: it should be under CPU Core/Cache Voltage section. However, i don't have this in my BIOS! Even if i set ai tuner to manual, i don't see it! And i am not ready to do that! I don't know, if that would change timings on ram, or some voltages and how to set them manually.

In that category, there should be item offset voltage. From what i read, you are supposed to set value, which will be subtracted from maximum cpu voltage. So if you set like 0.049 and your cpu reaches 1.35v, it would be 1.301 max.

Reason i am trying to do this:

I am crunching foldinghome. And i have very high voltage on the cpu. I noticed voltage jumped up to 1.344v, which is ridiculous on stock frequency. I read this is normally used for 5ghz overclocks, even 1.25v only. So this doesn't make sense... Even ai prediction shows in bios barely 4.8ghz. And i am having very high temperatures up to 76 on cores - when folding. While i had in summer barely 60C, max 64C. In continuous 100% load playing games. But i read some workloads, cause more heating, as it depends on many things. Still 76C is pretty high, it is not recommended to go above 80C. And i will probably want oc in future.

Also vccio is high 1.328v and vccsa 1.224v. I wanted to lower these, but i didn't have time yet. Because i can't find CLRTC reset switch on my motherboard. And lowering these can cause boot loop. Also i read it may cause instability , but it shouldn't damage anything right? I would make smallest adjustments, i don't steps bios allows in this case. But i suppose if i would enter smallest values, it would change about smallest increments? Also i have 0 idea, if these are max values, or average, or what. There is no manual literally... Yes some features may differ, but there is not even manual how to change these values, or how would they apply, which is important and these values are geneneric for all cpus...

I need to both set offset on core and lower vccio! Before i can continue crunching. Also i checked cpu fan curve, when at 70C+, it runs on 100%... This cooler cost over 50$ , has only 1 fan, but i read its pretty good. And it is close to rear case fan... And i have case with very good airflow. So shocked, that i am getting such an extreme temps on stock i5 9600kf. Also they applied thermal paste in very good computer shop, so i don't think, that would be problem and i don't feel like repasting right now... I just need to lower these voltages!

Tho in benchmarks it has similar temp 60C~ on 4.5ghz i7 7700. I had like 64-66 max in summer in 100% continous load. So maybe crunching, is just ridiculous for cpu, i don't know... Still i need to deal with voltages...

Thanks for help!

EDIT: SOLVED, i found help elsewhere since you can't get straight answer here...