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Maximus XIII Extreme USB-C performance

Level 7

I'm trying to use my Oculus Quest 2 using a link cable on a USB-C port. I've tried using the ports in the back of the board as well as a port I've connected to one of the front-panel USB-C connectors. I can only get it to work on one of the USB-A ports. If I use the other ports (USB-C), I get pitifully low bandwidth (387Mbps) vs. the 2.6Gbps I get when using the USB-A port. This is the bandwidth reported by the Oculus Software's internal testing tool. Yes - I've confirmed that the only difference between one test and the other is which USB port the headset is connected to, and the results are consistent: USB-C SUCKS!!

This makes no sense to me as the USB-C ports should grossly outperform the USB-A ports ... any ideas as to what setting(s) I might have missed in the BIOS? Any special software that needs installing? The only "unknown device" in Device Manager is a networked HP Printer that no longer has drivers compatible with this version of Windows (10, fully updated to this moment).

Please help - I can make do with the USB-A but I refuse to believe I paid top dollar for this kind of a lemon ...


Hi GoatHumper,

I don't have an Oculus Quest but I've used the Oculus Rift in the past.

After reading your post I have two questions.

Have you tried disabling the usb power saving feature?

As you didn't specify what link cable you're using, this could be the problem.

Is your link cable Oculus approved? Here is one that is.