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Win. Drivers; MEI; ME; BIOS updates- trying determine next step

Level 9

Hopelessly lost.  Got behind on BIOS updates . . . and now trying to catch up.  I've been thru 2 days of ASUS support (7 reps / 2 levels - contradictory & not helpful),  . . .read the forums here (much more helpful - JohnAB, MoKiChU, others).  I've learned here -  the order should be:  1. Windows Drivers  2.  MEI files  3.  ME files . . . then 4. BIOS (and don't let the BIOS get ahead of MEI / ME).

I sequentially updated each BIOS:   from 1101 to 1702, but stopped before 2004 because of the warning:  “Before BIOS update, please download Intel ME update tool from ASUS support site, and update ME firmware to Version to ensure optimized system settings.”       

Issue:  Not sure which should be the next step.  There's 6 versions of the ME Update Tool.  I can't find ME firmware file listed anywhere.  There's 6 MEI file versions & 3 Chipset file versions, listed on 'Drivers & Tools' page - can I just jump to the latest?

Here's the current setup / versions as I've been able to determine     

  • Motherboard                        Z-690 Maximus Extreme
  • CPU                                     i7-12700 K       3.6GHz
  • BIOS                                   1720
  • Intel Chipset Driver             10.1.19199.8340
  • ME firmware version           16.00.1423  (taken from BIOS screen) 
  • MEI file version                   2145.1.42.0   
                                               (Amoury Crate lists this as my current 'MEI' file version.  But, for the same entry, AC lists the                                                            latest version for the same 'MEI' file as  2336.5.2.0 - this corresponds with an 'ME'  (not MEI) file type                                             on ASUS Download Center - Drivers & Tools page. - so not sure which it really is)

Any perspective / next step suggestions would be greatly appreciated . . . I may make it thru if I take it a step at a time 




Hello AviatorIMC

You can update straight to the latest bios (3401), it will update the Intel ME automatically.

Just be aware, once you update to bios 2305 or later, you won't be able to roll back past 2305. And if you do roll back, the ME version will stay the same as shown in the release notes.

Bios 3401 is working well on my ROG Strix Z690-F Gaming Wifi.

P.S. I deleted your other threads about being marked as spam.

ROG MAXIMUS Z690 EXTREME | Gaming motherboards|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global (

z690 extreme bios 3401.png



Nate - Thank you for releasing this post,  deleting the others, and the information shared.  Huge Help!

Sounds like good news for me - I can EZ-Flash to 3401, which will update the ME Firmware simultaneously.

Quick Questions

  1. Assume I can then forget the ME Updater Tool (since I'll have lastest bio & ME firmware)?
  2. Should I load the latest Intel Chipset Driver (V10.1.19600.8418), and then latest MEI file (V2306.4.3.0) - before the BIOS/ME update? 

Thanks, AvaitorIMC 


You're welcome

1) Correct, you won't need the ME firmware updater with bios 3401.

2) I don't think the order for installation would matter, but how you have it looks good. 





Nate - thank you!  I genuinely appreciate the quick reply and information.



You're welcome, happy to help.

After you get updated, let us know how it's going.





Level 9

Update -FWIW, 

First thanks to Nate152, JohnAB and to all of the other posts I was able to read. . . This forum is indispensable. 

I learned that the correct order of updating is Windows Drivers --> MEI Files --> ME Firmware-->  . . . and then BIOS, and that when ready for the BIOS I can jump the latest version I prefer and the later BIOS versions will update the ME Firmware along with it. 

I started the BIOS updating adventure, when I noticed half my ram stopped working.  I'd recently replaced a failed AIO cooler & thought maybe I'd damaged a trace or other when tightening the pump down - others had reported that issue.  Fortunately, determined it was ram stick that failed G.Skill 4800 (2x16). . . so replaced both with G.Skill 6000 30-40-40-96 (2x32) - at now 64 gb's showing up.  I didn't need the 64, but thought if the DIMM slots were damaged I'd at least of 32 single channel. 

I did read (after I'd bought it) that one person was having issue with the G.Skill 6000, but it's working fine so far.  For that reason, I've  decided to stand pat with BIOS 1702, which seems to working well, without any issues for me at the moment.  I'll follow behind you guys . . . at a safe distance, lol.

Just wanted to udpate and share the G.Skill 6000 working.           

Thanks again . . . AviatorIMC.  



Thank you for reporting.

If all is well with bios 1702, there's no need to update.

I'd like to let you know that with the last two bios releases, ASUS added a feature called IA CEP. Disabling the IA CEP feature will increase cpu performance, good cooling is recommended for this. 

To give you an idea, with my i-7 12700KF at default settings, I ran Timespy with IA CEP enabled, then ran it with IA CEP disabled.

With IA CEP disabled, my cpu scored a little over 1000 points more. That's very good for just disabling one setting.