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NOOB QUESTION: Can you start the motherboard without a CPU ?

Level 7
Hi everyone,
Before asking the real question here, I am a noob entering PC masterrace.
Today, I got my motherboard - Asus ROG Strix Z370-E. I got basically everything except for the CPU (i5-8600k), which I will get it next week. So, is there a way to test my motherboard if it is good or bad?
Is it ok to install just 2x ram sticks without a CPU and plug in 24-pin motherboard and 8-pin cpu to start up the motherboard? What will happen if I do so? Will my motherboard POST? Or, will it damage itself?
Thanks in advance !!

Level 14
It will not post without a CPU, only thing you can do is flash a bios using ASUS Flashback

Community Admin
Community Admin
Generally you won't be able to do anything without the processor and memory. Our motherboards however do allow you to update/flash the BIOS even without a processor, this is by using ASUS USB BIOS Flashback.

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Level 7
You can use a multimeter to start your motherboard without a CPU.
First, you must find the power supply test points on your motherboard. These are usually labeled +5V, +12V, and -12V.
Once you’ve located these points, you can use your multimeter to test the voltage output.
If the voltages are within the specified range, your motherboard will most likely function correctly.

Level 9
The motherboard is defiantly good as long as you bought new. I wouldn't buy used hardware, like ever, so just don't break anything as you're building it and you're golden, so just be careful as you work, and take your time, and make sure to align processor correctly before pulling lever down, as they go in a certain way, and once hammer is pulled, then you're on your own, so do it properly the first time, and look for the arrows, and align them. And make sure to apply thermal paste. You just want the processor lightly covered with paste, so no more than that is needed, and you can brush it on if you need to. It goes on the front of it, before you seat the heatsink, unless it's pre-applied to the heatsink. And don't shock anything, and stay off carpet and don't wear a sweater... If you can get it to post you're on your way. Good luck.